Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Belmonte Maintains Technological Edge with Multi-Purpose Bar Code - Datalogic

New Bar Code Devices from Datalogic Increase Accuracy and Optimize Processes at Belmonte’s POS and Warehouse


Founded in 1938 by the Bellini family in northern Italy, Belmonte was born as a family business manufacturing only men’s shirts. Today, the company is a flourishing, well-rooted example of Italian entrepreneurship with a wide range of products for both men and women.

The Belmonte brand is synonymous for distinctive style and high quality clothing. Keen awareness of market trends in conjunction with innovative trade developments inspired the company to start a chain of franchises to expand their business. Belmonte’s next goal is to expand its franchises to over 100 outlets, increasing the reach of its business in Italy.

The Challenge
After a new corporate policy was announced to ensure Belmonte maintained a constant technological edge and improved management processes, the company decided to invest in a new data collection system. With a need to automate their existing systems, the company decided to implement new software and bar code reading technology at both the point-of-sale (POS) and in their warehouse.

The Solution
After testing many readers, Belmonte selected Datalogic’s QuickScan™ Mobile linear imager for inventory and POS checkout stations inside retail stores. The QuickScan linear imagers will be used by each reseller belonging to the Belmonte franchising network. For their warehousing needs, Belmonte selected Datalogic Mobile’s portable terminals for the 50/60 square meter warehouse.

The excellent quality, ease-of-use and innovative design of Datalogic’s products were the key factors that lead Belmonte to choose the QuickScan linear imager for their retail application. According to Adolfo Bellini, Belmonte’s IT Manager, “We had numerous advantages with the introduction of this technology and in particular, Datalogic’s products.”

The QuickScan linear imager eliminated all mobility restraints for Belmonte, which was the ideal solution for use at the POS. For simple point-to-point transmissions (single reader on a single base station), Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ offered safe and efficient performance and immune to Wi-Fi interferences.

Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System eliminated the restraints caused by cabled devices and enabled the movement of goods, as well as optimized management procedures. With this technology, the QuickScan linear imager becomes a multi-functioning device for inventory, price checking and shelf replenishment activities, as the radio range covers the typical distances found at the point of sale (particularly useful during inventory periods when the amount of work typically increases.)

Furthermore, the QuickScan linear imager’s excellent scan quality, reliability and efficiency guarantees quick and accurate bar code reading. These features increase the productivity of cashiers at Belmonte’s stores as they do not need to re-scan items in order to receive a ‘good read.’

The Datalogic products used to develop Belmonte’s information system were provided by Compumania, a Datalogic EASEOFBIZ Partner. Compumania is focused on customer service improvement and quality, and helped Belmonte to select the right bar code scanners to solve their specific data capture requirements.

The Results
In summary, the use of the QuickScan M linear imager with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System provided advantages by optimizing tasks and offered excellent reading performance even on the smallest of bar codes. With its comfortable and ergonomic design, the QuickScan linear imager was the perfect solution for Belmonte’s retail stores.

“We are a company in continuous evolution with high development aims and targets. We always try to introduce new technologies in every operating sector, convinced that investing in new technologies can improve our product quality and the success of our brand,” states Adolfo Bellini. “The partnership with Datalogic is part of our modus operandi, fixing a firm starting point for future co-operations”.


Customer: Gruppo Belmonte S.p.A
Industry: Retail
Sub-Industry: Specialty Retail
Application: Point-of-Sale (POS), Inventory Management
Country: Italy
Datalogic Products: QuickScan™ Mobile, Datalogic Mobile Portable Terminals
Datalogic Partner: Compumania

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