Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Contour B.V. Relies on the PowerScanâ„¢ Imager for Effective Production Management - Datalogic

Contour B.V., based in the Netherlands, specializes in the production of thin sheet metal.  The company offers customers complete solutions from product design to the finished product, as well as logistics services.  To maximize customer service, Contour continuously invests in solutions that make development, production and assembly more efficient.

The Challenge
Keeping in line with its policy of searching for new ways to improve service, Contour wanted to update the scanning devices that accompany the ERP for monitoring and controlling production.  The company was looking for a reliable industrial scanner that would interface easily with the installed ISAH ERP. Vierpool B.V., a Datalogic Partner, worked with Contour to understand the production process, order process, inventory changes and registration of the hours worked. According to Ralf Körver, System Manager at Contour, “the scanning equipment had to provide industrial durability and be highly reliable.  A scanner with a display that could provide feedback to the user was fundamental.  It should include only a few buttons to press for easy use by the operators.” 

The Solution
"We jointly came to the conclusion that Datalogic’s PowerScan™ imager and Datalogic STAR Cordless System™ technology would be the ideal solution" indicated Wim Gerrits, Identification Account Manager at VierPool B.V.  The PowerScan imager represented the most rugged bar code scanner of its kind with display and numeric keyboard.  With the Datalogic STAR Cordless System network technology, a narrow-band frequency area could be created for supporting roaming across the entire factory.

Contour uses the PowerScan imager in the production process and in the warehouse.  During production, the imager keeps track of products as they go through each phase, helping to maintain a steady flow.  In the warehouse, the PowerScan imager helps manage stock, allowing Contour to know the exact quantity of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products available at all times.  It also helps to control costs by recording the materials used and the man hours worked.

The Results
The solution with the PowerScan imager and the Datalogic STAR Cordless System network technology has allowed Contour to increase productivity in the factory and make the operator’s job simpler and more efficient.  Contour now has all production stages under complete control and receives real time information throughout the process.  The company saves money as stock rotation is monitored and adjusted accordingly.  Finally, the PowerScan imager’s ruggedness, reliability, ergonomics and ease of use guarantee continued operation in a harsh industrial environment without tiring the operator.


Customer: Contour B.V. in Winterswijk

Industry/Sub-Industry: Manufacturing/Construction & Building

Application: Product Tracking/Labor Tracking/Inventory Management

Country: The Netherlands

Datalogic Product: PowerScan PM8300

Datalogic Partner: Vierpool B.V. in Maarssen

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