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Success Stories

Success Stories

Datalogic Mobile Computers Help Autoliv Improve Automobile Safety - Datalogic

Autoliv, a market leader in automobile safety systems, focuses on one very important issue: saving lives. Its wide range of security products, including airbag systems, seatbelts, sensors, etc. combine the most advanced technologies with the highest level of quality to guarantee secure vehicles that substantially reduce traffic accidents and injuries. These innovative products save 25,000 lives every year and prevent 10 times as many injuries.

The Challenge
To make sure its entire production and logistics process operates at peak efficiency, Autoliv relies on bar codes. This started back in 2005 when Autoliv decided to standardize processes and tools for all European plants, implementing a new ERP system, called Lawson M3, which included mobile devices from only one manufacturer. In order to streamline operations and guarantee consistency, these mobile computers would have to support operators in the field, eliminate the risk of errors during labeling operations and delivery handling, as well as automate inventory management. It was also imperative that these devices improve working conditions for operators. To meet these requirements, the product had to have a grip and be robust enough to perform in logistics environments, but easy to use and capable of supporting JAVA applications.

The Solution
Groupe Prisme, a well-established systems integrator, proposed the Datalogic Viper™ mobile computer, which met all the customer’s requirements in terms of robustness, performance, autonomy, and battery accessibility.

What really made the difference, however, was Datalogic’s flexibility and capability to develop and adapt their product to Autoliv needs. Datalogic developed and certified a specific Java Virtual Machine layer and personalized the mobile computer’s operating system to fit Autoliv’s applications. The great support provided by Groupe Prisme and Datalogic during the project’s implementation was highly valued by Autoliv.

This led the company to renew its trust in Datalogic when the time came to replace the previous system and the Viper™ mobile computer, which provided over seven years of excellent service. Autoliv chose three Datalogic products, the Falcon™ X3, Skorpio™ X3 and Memor™ mobile computers to work with the company’s new SAP system. These new devices optimize efficiency in production line and warehouse operations with their state-of-the-art technology, fast operation, ease of use and robustness.

Datalogic mobile computers come into use at the end of the assembly line to register production, making sure that each and every manufactured product coming off the line is put in the correct box with the correct label. They record the captured data in the ERP and make a final check to confirm that the boxes have been put on the right pallet with the right label in the right location.

The operators in the warehouse then perform a variety of checks with Datalogic mobile computers that ensure that the products get shipped to the appropriate customer. The devices scan the product labels to include them on the picking list of the order. The operator adds the materials to the pallet, a shipping label is printed and a Datalogic mobile computer scans the printed label to make sure it corresponds to the products. When each pallet is loaded onto the truck, the operator makes a final check with a mobile computer to confirm that the pallet will be shipped to the right destination.

The Results
Over 600 Datalogic mobile computers have been deployed in Autoliv’s European plants. The use of these devices has significantly increased productivity and considerably reduced the risk of errors. This enables Autoliv to be more responsive when detecting an error and to correct it before it affects the quality of service. Datalogic mobile computers allow Autoliv to better meet customers’ requirements, strengthening the company’s leadership in the automobile safety market.

“Datalogic mobile computers provide an important contribution to work efficiency today regardless of the ERP in front. The use of mobile computers in the coming years will increase and Autoliv Europe is looking forward to continuing the constructive partnership with Datalogic and Groupe Prisme”, commented Stéphane Cazat, in charge of ERP implementation for Autoliv in Europe. “Our products save lives and by providing smart products that allow us to ensure our quality of service, Datalogic contributes to this objective.”

In order to reduce maintenance costs, which can be high and difficult to forecast, especially in harsh environments such as shipping areas, Autoliv has also recommended that each facility purchase a five year EASEOFCARE maintenance contract for each Datalogic mobile computer bought, ensuring long-term protection of the investment.


Customer: Autoliv
Industry/Sub-Industry: Manufacturing/Automotive
Application: Product Tracking/Warehouse Management
Country: France
Datalogic Products: Falcon X3, Skorpio X3, Memor
Datalogic Partner: Groupe Prisme

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