Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to Best Retail Chain in Belgium optimises processes with Joya Touch


Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’


All 98 branches of the Belgian retail clothing chain Bel&Bo have recently started using the Joya Touch scanner. Datalogic supplied 200 multifunctional scanners in total, intended for the efficient processing of the retailer’s extensive assortment and for compliance with privacy legislation.

Bel&Bo has developed into a household name in Belgium over the last 30 years. Every two weeks the family business launches a colorful and trendy collection in their stores and online store. The focus is on sustainable business practices, where quality and an affordable price are key. The success of their formula became apparent when, among other things, Bel&Bo was chosen in 2017-2018 as the ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’ in the ladies fashion category for the sixth time in a row. “We are doing everything possible to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for the entire family”, commented IT employee Sofie D’Huyvetter.


Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’


This approach was partly responsible for Bel&Bo’s search for new scanners. D’Huyvetter: “Customer-friendliness and customer-orientation are key in our stores, which is why you try to organize the surrounding processes as optimally as possible. This also applies to managing and processing the range.”

For example, the scanners are used in the stores to scan incoming items, to transfer items to other branches, to keep track of stock changes and to process discounts or return shipments. “Our old scanners were outdated and no longer met our requirements and needs”, D’Huyvetter continued. “We want to be innovating and distinctive, in each and every detail.”

Bel&Bo’s search was accelerated by the new privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR in short), which came into force on 25 May 2018 throughout the EU. “Our customers can save for an additional discount via a customer card. We can use the purchase details of every customer to further improve our service, for example by presenting the customer with customized offers. According to the new privacy legislation the customer has to give permission for this, albeit only once. We know from experience that the response to letters or emails does not suffice to be able to achieve that level of service. This is why we sought out a solution to meet this obligation in a modern and user-friendly way”, D’Huyvetter explained.


Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’


The Joya Touch scanners supplied by Datalogic seem to meet the set requirements and needs to a tee. D’Huyvetter: “Obviously we tested other scanners as well but the Datalogic solution clearly turned out to be the best. Using the Joya Touch we have a top quality scanner that is still affordable.”

The multifunctional scanner is intuitive and user-friendly. The pistol grip makes its use, for shelf replenishment, stock management and price checks, very pleasant and simple.

In addition, the scanner can be personalized in various ways. The screen, for example, features the Bel&Bo logo. The Joya Touch is fully adjustable. “The configuration within the Datalogic software makes it easy to copy settings from one scanner to another. As soon as the desired settings of one scanner are fully set, the software creates a QR code that only needs to be scanned in order to copy those settings to any other scanner”, D’Huyvetter added. The Datalogic SureLock mode prevents the (unwanted) changing of the settings by unauthorized staff.

Meeting the requirements of the privacy legislation turns out to be easy as well. After the customer card has been scanned at the checkout, a notification will appear on the cash register terminal if the customer has not yet given permission to use his or her details. The checkout employee will scan the code, after which the Joya Touch will be handed over to the customer, who can then give permission via the touch screen.


Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’ THE RESULTS

Bel&Bo is very satisfied with the supplied solution and the retailer is currently investigating whether the Joya Touch could also be used for other operational processes. “We would very much like to use the scanner to further optimize stock management. We would have to adapt our own software first for this, but I am convinced that we can seriously increase efficiency there as well,” D’Huyvetter concluded.



Client: Bel&Bo

Industry: Retail

Application: Stock Management and Customer Service

Country: Belgium

Datalogic supplies 200 scanners to ‘Best Retail Chain in Belgium’

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