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Success Stories

Success Stories

Datalogic's Memor Mobile Computer Saves Egil Rasmussen Time and Money - Datalogic

Egil Rasmussen is one of the largest carpentry and fine woodwork companies in its industry, with an annual turnover of approximately 25 million euros. The company is headquartered in Taulov, near Fredericia, Denmark, with a large department in Århus.

One of Egil Rasmussen’s main activities is helping rental companies and insurance companies with repairs. Examples include new apartment doors needed after a break in, or a new floors needed due to water damage.

The Challenge
Each year, Egil Rasmussen receives hundreds of jobs from rental companies and thousands from the insurance companies. The jobs usually require three craftsmen, who report the number of working hours, the materials used and transportation costs for each task performed.

This procedure used to be done the traditional way. The craftsmen would fill out a form with all information and pass it onto the accounting department, which would check the information and enter it into the financial software system called Artesa.

As with all paperwork done manually, the process took time and was prone to error. Egil Rasmussen wanted to streamline this process to increase efficiency, while making the bureaucratic part of the worker’s job faster and easier. The company turned to Datalogic’s Partner, Delfi Technologies, for an automated solution. Delfi Technologies, together with IT supplier, CC Dynamics, offered a customized system using Datalogic’s Memor™ mobile computer and a special program that transmits data to the Artesa system.

The Solution
The craftsmen carry a book with them to the worksites that details the list of materials they may need for each task. Each material is identified by a barcode, as are the hours worked and transport costs. When the job is finished, the craftsmen record the materials used and the time it took to complete the job by scanning the relevant barcodes in the book with the Memor mobile computer. Once the barcode is read, the name of the material will be displayed. At this point, the identification number of each material must be entered. When this is done, the Memor mobile computer associates a list of barcodes and names of the materials, hours worked and transport used to the relative employee. The mobile computer is then placed in the docking station, where it transfers all the data to the Artesa system, which prepares a print out of the final invoice.

The Results
”It’s a considerable benefit not having to manually enter all incoming information from our craftsmen anymore. Now, that the process is performed automatically, no more paper is wasted and time is saved in the accounting department. Work times have been cut in half. I also save a lot of time because I don’t need to check all the paper sheets before sending them to the accounting department,” commented Claus Rasmussen, CEO, Egil Rasmussen A/S.

The new system also eliminates all the mistakes that occurred using the previous manual system. More detailed invoices are created, so the customers receive a clear and precise indication of every cost incurred.


Customer: Egil Rasmussen A/S
Industry/sub-industry: Manufacturing/Construction
Application: Product and Labor Tracking
Country: Denmark
Datalogic Products: Memor mobile computer
Datalogic Partner: Delfi Technologies

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