Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Fussl chooses Datalogic Mobile to modernize retail store logistics - Datalogic

The Upper Austrian Fussl Fashion Street is a company that offers trendy fashion at affordable prices for every generation. The company is growing fast, with about 120 branches at the moment. The last 18 months have been the best of the company's history with 25 new stores established just in the first half of the year. Fussl is doing so well that it is considering an expansion into neighboring countries soon.


On its road to success Fussl paid close attention to long-term improvements, reliable partners and a good value for money. The company decided to invest in store logistics. The company had already been working with mobile devices, but needed new and modern equipment. Fussl contacted Datalogic Mobile's partner, Barcotec, to help explore the possibilities. Barcotec offered a solution using the Skorpio™ mobile computer. Its features, robustness and ergonomics won over Fussl quickly.


"From the beginning, Barcotec was honest with us," says Martin Schwendtner, "We gave them our requirements and they told us openly the possibilities and the cost-benefits. Together, we have tried to find the best solution," confirmed Schwendtner". And the best solution was the Skorpio™. Now, we can do so much more with only one mobile device, which was impossible with the old equipment. The Skorpio™ outperforms other devices a hundred to one!"


"Since increasing business is obviously important for our stores," continued Schwendtner, IT manager at Fussl, "everything had to work as quickly and accurately as possible. "We found that the Skorpio™ mobile computer was the best choice to facilitate and speed up work in the stores." Now Fussl is well prepared with 300 Skorpio™ mobile computers.


While previously only the receipt of goods, inventory and display of a list of goods was possible, now the range is much wider. Any lists, statistics and graphs are displayed directly on the mobile device. Schwendtner explained enthusiastically: "Our employees can now see the image of any item on the big screen, including size and color information, faster and check accuracy or availability. In addition, the mobile device automatically beeps if an error occurs, so if the inventory item number is wrong, we avoid errors at the earliest point possible.


Tens of thousands of Euros saved
Thanks to the cooperation with Barcotec Fussl is now saving a lot of money." Just with the daily receipt of goods in the stores we are saving 10 minutes per store per day," calculates Schwendtner, "if you add the time savings in other places and you multiply that by the number of stores - a few weeks, we have saved thousand of € quickly! So the payback of the equipment is minimal. "


The Skorpio™ is easy to operate, so the employees learn to use it quickly and like using the mobile computer. In fact, the employees love the Skorpio™ because it saves them time. If an item is scanned, it appears directly on the display so the employee can see if the price is reduced or not without having to search for the correct price. Prices may also be controlled directly on the shelves and, if they need to be corrected, it can be done immediately.


Ideas that inspire

Fussl's requirements for a mobile computer were a large, clear display, WiFi and Windows operating system, but Schwendtner saw that the Skorpio provides so much more: "The several exciting features of the Skorpio™ gave us many more ideas for the future on how to use mobile data collection in order to save time and money. Our collaboration with Datalogic Mobile has clearly paid off! "


Customer: Fussl Fashion Street
Industry: Retail
Application: Store Management, Inventory, Mark Downs, Merchandizing, Receiving
Country: Austria
Datalogic Mobile Solution: Retail In-Store
Datalogic Products: Skorpio™
Datalogic Partner: Barcotec Anhören Umschrift


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