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Success Stories

Success Stories

Hugo Boss Extends its High Fashion Line with High Performance Gryphon - Datalogic

HUGO BOSS Uses Gryphon™ Readers for Order Processing and Warehouse Activities at its Headquarters in Germany


HUGO BOSS is a global leader in the high fashion market. Based in Metzingen, Germany, the HUGO BOSS Group is represented by three independent brands; BOSS, HUGO and BALDESSARINI. The extensive collections of these brands address a variety of target groups, catering to the demands of each with respect to fashion statement, tailoring, workmanship, materials and pricing.

HUGO BOSS distributes its products internationally to 110 countries and more than 6,000 retail stores. Its business-to-business activities use integrated IT systems to enable efficient exchanges of information with its customers as well as smooth, flexible and prompt coordination of deliveries. HUGO BOSS’ modern warehousing and materials handling technology in its distribution centers contributes to an overall efficient flow of products through the entire supply chain.

The Challenge

To maintain a smooth supply chain, HUGO BOSS implemented a bar coding system at its headquarter site in Metzingen. After experiencing huge success with the system, HUGO BOSS decided to extend the use of bar codes into its warehouse for order verification and inventory activities as well as in the showrooms for order processing.

To accomplish the extension of the system, HUGO BOSS needed high performance cordless readers for their warehouse management activities and for order processing activities, corded readers were required at the show room.

Furthermore, HUGO BOSS wanted to start the expansion of the system as soon as possible; therefore, the Group needed to find a vendor who could quickly and easily meet their demands.

The Solution

After a diligent search for a vendor, HUGO BOSS turned to Datalogic and selected the Gryphon™ Mobile and Gryphon™ Desk handheld readers for the warehouse and showroom activities. Once the selection was made, Datalogic responded promptly to the urgent request of HUGO BOSS by delivering the units on the same day the order was placed.

Today, the Gryphon Mobile is used for order verification and inventory management inside the warehouse. During order verification activities, the garments are placed on suspended racks to keep the clothing clean and pressed. When an order is ready, the garments are loaded into delivery trucks directly from suspended racks. Each item, labeled with a bar code, is read with the Gryphon reader before entering the lorry to verify if the item corresponds with the order placed.

By automating the order verification process, the operator is able to simultaneously update HUGO BOSS’ inventory system. This improves their efficiency and accuracy since the operator no longer must manually adjust inventory.

The Gryphon Mobile reader is particularly suitable for warehouse management activities because its wireless design permits the operators to walk around the clothes racks freely. This can be hazardous with corded readers because the operator can easily trip or become tangled in long cords.

Inside the showrooms, the Gryphon Desk reader is used for order processing activities. Once the customer has chosen a particular model, an order is placed by reading the corresponding bar code in the elegant “Color Card Catalog,” where each model is laid out with the choice of material and color.

Through this process, the order is entered directly into the IT system without manual intervention, which eliminates human error and improves efficiency. In addition, the codes used in the Color Card Catalog posed a particular problem in the past because they are reflective low contrast codes (silver on black); however the Gryphon is able to read them without difficulty.

The Results

Since the implementation of Datalogic Gryphon readers, the HUGO BOSS Group is able to maintain its position as global market leader by guaranteeing efficient and professional business operations worldwide.

The extension of their bar coding system from headquarters to the warehouse and showroom has tremendously improved business processes for HUGO BOSS. With an automation of activities, employees are able to be more productive, while eliminating common humor errors and inefficiency.






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