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Success Stories

Industrial Strength PowerScan Readers are Working Hard and Hard Working - Datalogic

At the Dustin Warehouse, PowerScan™ PM8300 Bar Code Readers Offer Functionality, Reliability and Ruggedness


The Dustin Group is a fast growing, yet well-established supplier of electronic products to both businesses and private customers. They started business in 1984 and have primarily served customers in Sweden; however, the company purchase a computer store in Denmark and expanded into Norway and Finland.

The Dustin Group opened a new 20,000 square meter warehouse in the fall of 2008, a major upgrade from their previous warehouse of 5,500 square meters. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, they stock approximately 65,000 articles for delivery to their customers in Sweden and Denmark.

The Challenge

With 18 packing stations, approximately 70 warehouse employees and an average of 3,000 orders per day, The Dustin Group warehouse, like any other, must have good and solid routines, systems and hardware. Reliability is a key for all pieces of the puzzle and one primary piece is bar code readers. When looking for a solution for their existing and new warehouse, Dustin turned to one of their hardware and solution providers, DataFångst AB.

The Solution

DataFångst AB is a long-time Partner of Datalogic. Established in 1997, DataFångst AB is a fast growing, independent company in the AutoID industry. DataFångst has it headquarters in Malmö and branch offices in Ljungby, Hässleholm, Gothenburg and Stockholm. With technology based most often on bar codes, DataFångst helps both industrial and retail companies to make their operations more efficient by means of lower inventory levels, better material flow and increased information security.

With the help of DataFångst AB, The Dustin Group selected Datalogic’s PowerScan™ PM8300 and PD8300 rugged handheld bar code readers to replace their existing outdated readers. Both corded and cordless versions of the PowerScan industrial readers are used at the receiving and the shipping stations. Here is how it works:


When an item is received, the item is read with the PowerScan readers, automatically updating Dustin’s inventory levels. The products are then placed on the proper shelves.


The orders that come into Dustin via telephone, Internet and fax are entered into Dustin’s business system. The picking lists are then printed out continually throughout the day. Dustin uses different colors of paper to print picking lists to visually let the pickers and shippers know the age of any given order.

The picker takes the list and manually gathers the items on that order. He then takes the basket full of picked items to one of the 18 packing stations equipped with a PowerScan reader.

The packer then scans the “start code” on the picking list. This pulls up an electronic pick list on his computer screen. Prior to placing each item from the order in the shipping carton, he scans the bar code to match the item to the list on the computer.

If it does not match, he will receive a warning that an item is missing, or a wrong item has been scanned. This will allow him to correct the mistake. Once the order is ready, he scans the exit code on the picking list, which then initiates the printing of the shipping label.

The shipping label contains a bar code which, when scanned, prints the invoice in the administrative office. This invoice is sent separately.

The Results

When Dustin began the replacement process from the old readers to the new PowerScan readers, the warehouse workers noticed the difference right away. “The trigger works and feels better. The laser is also much stronger – you can see it very clearly,” noted a warehouse operator. Another employee commented, “The rumor spread fast that new readers were here; everyone wanted one!”

The Team Leader for Dustin’s Warehouse staff, Klas Mellström, says, “Our staff is really pleased with the ruggedness and reliability of the PowerScan readers, and their approval is crucial for our productivity.”


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