Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Isala streamlines work processes in the Healthcare sector with Memor™ 20 PDA

Isala streamlines work processes in the Healthcare sector with Memor 20 PDA


Isala is a hospital organization with 5 different sites. With a total of 1,250 beds and 7,000 employees, the key objective was to find a solution that reduces the workload of the staff as much as possible. As the old solution was outdated, Isala was also searching for a future-proof solution based on the latest technology.

The approach was to replace the previous system with a new PDA-based solution equipped with the latest OS version, while being robust but compact to ensure ease of use.




  • User friendly and robust
  • Latest technology based on Android™ OS
  • Remote support and zero-touch deployment
  • Future-proof with continuous update functionalities



  • Mobile IT and iARTA combined to deliver the full solution
  • Memor 20: an easy-to-use rugged Android full-touch PDA
  • Green Spot technology for good-read visual feedback in environments were beeping sounds are disruptive


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