Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

KeyFood has seen an increase in their bottom-line profits through Falcon X3 - Datalogic


STCR has over five decades of service to clients throughout the United States, the Caribbean and around the world. Our dedication to independent grocers, specialty food stores, ethnic food stores, natural/organic grocers and food co-ops has allowed us to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by clients. With smart solutions to help stores run more efficiently and our 24/7 support, we are in the business to help stores run more efficiently.

KeyFood is a group of 16 stores that operate in the New York/Metro area. Their success is due to understanding and catering to the neighborhoods where they are located. The stores receive groceries from a multitude of suppliers, domestically and internationally.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is most commonly used by grocers for fast-moving items like bread, beverages, snacks and household staples. The fast-paced movement of the grocery environment requires multiple daily deliveries from suppliers. Deals and rebates from suppliers can be negotiated months in advance and can be offered over various periods of time. DSD keeps track of these deals and helps reduce errors that impact the bottom line of the business. When product arrives at the dock, it’s important to get it priced and on the floor quickly.

KeyFood opted to implement a DSD system with mobile computers and printers that would enable them to re­act quickly with the right information at the right time. A DSD system would ensure the goods received were in­voiced correctly, cost changes were taken into account, and products were priced and on the floor in short order. The system needed to have high availability and be rugged enough to handle the harsh environment of loading docks and hand trucks.

To achieve these objectives, STCR implemented the LOC Software DSD application running on Datalogic’s Falcon™ X3+ mobile computers, as they fully met all of the requirements needed for the DSD process. Multiple hand held units were deployed and connected to the store’s computer system through their secure wireless network. The receivers now had access to all the information they needed to properly check in orders on the receiving dock. They were able to ensure the items delivered were invoiced properly and aligned to any pre-negotiated deals. The items received are authorized items and if price changes occur, they can quickly print new shelf labels allowing the product to be deliv­ered to the shelves for customers.

KeyFood has seen an increase in their bottom-line profits through the use of the Datalogic mo­bile computers and the LOC Software DSD system, deployed and managed by STCR. Having the ruggedized Falcon X3+ units available provides peace of mind knowing the mobile computers are ready to go as soon as the delivery trucks arrive.

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