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Success Stories

Success Stories

Major Retailer Celebrates One Decade with Datalogic - Datalogic

Datalogic Becomes the Exclusive Provider of POS Hardware for One of the Largest European Retailers and Remains More Than One Decade Later


Headquartered in Sweden, one of Northern Europe’s leading retailers needed a high performance point-of-sale (POS) hardware solution with proven reliablity to be integrated into more than 2,000 of its stores. The company also wanted to develop a long term relationship with a provider focused on the ever-changing needs of the food retail industry and dedicated solely to bar code data capture.

After many years of testing, the retail group decided to work exclusively with Datalogic. Today, it has been over ten years and the company has not looked back.

The Challenge

In 1997, the retail group embarked on a strategic renewal of their front POS system and back office system. Part of the strategy was to develop their own POS software solution with the support of two bar code scanning hardware suppliers. As a group, the company selected Wincor Nixdorf’s POS hardware and Datalogic’s fixed retail scanners as one solution.

The Solution

Initially, Datalogic’s Magellan™ 1200VS scanner was selected as the primary bar code scanning hardware solution. This single plane scanner was rolled out into approximately half of the group’s branded stores and successfully improved front-end productivity and customer service.

Upon the launch of the next generation Magellan™ 2200VS scanner, the group decided to upgrade their solution due to their satisfaction with the Magellan 1200VS scanner. The Magellan 2200VS scanner then became the default installation unit from Datalogic.

When expanded scanning requirements were indentified at supermarkets in Norway, the group decided to purchase Datalogic’s Magellan™ 8200 bi-optic scanners, which are built to handle high transaction volumes for larger stores. The solution was well accepted as it allowed store employees to weigh produce items, improve productivity with faster scanning performance and therefore, enhance customer satisfaction.

In contrast, the group also invested in Datalogic’s Duet™ handheld bar code scanner for its smaller stores. Since the installation, the retail group has upgraded to Datalogic’s Heron™ bar code readers for price checking applications and also as an additional peripheral unit within the POS system.

During this time, the stores were still using a competitive scanning solution for nearly half of its stores; however, their IT department identified issues with these products over time, while the Datalogic products continued to work flawlessly. As a result, Datalogic was chosen as the sole bar code scanning provider for 100% of the group’s stores.

According to the IT Manager for the group, the decision to exclusively use Datalogic products was based on a number of factors including the performance, reliability, consistency and ease of integration across every single product line. “I don’t see any other product for our company. Going forward, Datalogic will be our supplier of choice,” he stated.

The group also appreciated Datalogic’s focus on bar code scanning solutions, which allows Datalogic to be the best in terms of features, quality and reliability, and also provide the broadest range of scanning devices available to the retail marketplace.

The Results

Since the installation of these products, the group has once again updated their POS bi-optic scanning with the Magellan™ 8300 scanner. This model has an aggressive scanning performance, with 360-degree scanning capabilities for the best cashier ergonomics. This scanner also features the All-Weighs™ scale platter to help reduce the shrink / loss of produce items.

Today, this Northern European retail group has worked with Datalogic for almost 11 years. Despite the long history, the company has stayed true to their decision: they have never had to change their POS bar code scanning hardware. Today, additional products from Datalogic are being tested to continue to advance the POS capabilities of the stores.


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