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Mobile Ticketing and Gryphon Readers Ensure Smooth Sailing fo event - Datalogic

Admission Ticket ‘Stubs’ Belong in the Past with nanoCrypt’s Mobile Ticketing Solution and Datalogic’s Gryphon™ Readers


nanoCrypt is a software consulting company that utilizes nanotechnology, telecommunications and cryptology to transform products of the past into cutting-edge technologies. Within their innovative product line, nanoCrypt has developed a revolutionary ticketing and CRM system called nanoTicket®, which serves as an access control solution. nanoCrypt has chosen bar code technology as a replacement for conventional printed ticketing as it ensures convenience for customers and reliability, cost savings and detailed customer information for the end-user.

The Challenge

A crowd of nearly 5,000 people came to witness the christening of a highly anticipated cruise ship at a bay in Hamburg, Germany. Guests who purchased tickets for the event were loaded onto 35 boats and taken out into the bay for a closer view of the launch. With a rigid loading schedule of 15-30 minutes per boat and 30 admission gates scattered over two miles of docks, an unconventional ticketing system was needed in order to ensure guests were boarded on time. In addition, tickets were available for sale up until the event started, which required event organizers to know the real-time loading status of each boat.

For past events, a more conventional ticketing solution was used at the admission gates. The event staff would scan 2D bar codes printed on tickets using webcams, which resulted in slow admittance, zero real-time guest tracking and the staff experienced difficulties in handling the webcam. After considering these access control complications and the sheer size of the upcoming event, event organizers decided to invest in nanoCrypt’s nanoTicket, an advanced mobile ticketing solution, and Datalogic’s rugged Gryphon™ 2D Plus handheld readers.

The Solution

Event staff selected nanoCrypt’s nanoTicket ticketing solution for the simplicity it would provide to both customers and the event staff. nanoTicket works by sending each paid event attendee an email with a PDF file containing an invoice, a copy of the ticket for customer’s records and a targeted advertisement. The attendee then receives an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) message via their mobile phone, which includes a 2D bar code containing pertinent customer information.

By upgrading their conventional ticketing solution to nanoTicket, both event organizers and guests were able to benefit from an elimination of lost tickets, zero costs for ticket production and a 100% forgery-proof solution. nanoTicket is also suited as a CRM tool. It provides event organizers with detailed reports of geographic and demographic information about event attendees, which allows them to create targeted ads for future events.

In order to unlock the benefits of nanoTicket, a bar code reader capable of reading 2D bar codes on mobile devices was needed. Since nanoCrypt was responsible for finding a reader suitable for the event, event organizers looked for a rugged device, capable of withstanding unpredictable weather. They also needed a reader with intuitive features and fast reading rates to be able to quickly board the guests.

Martin Pick of nanoCrypt stated, “Following numerous tests with different scanners, Datalogic’s Gryphon 2D Plus reader was found to be the only product able to meet our requirements – in particular, concerning reading codes from the mirrored surface of the display. The first-time reading rate is outstanding, as each new scan requires time.”

The Gryphon 2D Plus readers enabled employees to quickly scan guest’s 2D bar codes on their mobile phones. When the ticket was scanned, the event staff instantly knew the status of the ticket and the correct boarding station for each guest. This feedback information was made available in real-time via a notebook with UMTS card, the only equipment required besides the scanner for guest check-in.

The Gryphon 2D Plus reader was a perfect fit with the outdoor nature of the event. The reader’s IP50 rating protects against dirt and dust, functions in 95% humidity and can survive multiple drops onto concrete, which makes it a long lasting investment for events to come. The Gryphon 2D Plus reader is also equipped with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology, which provides good read feedback directly on the code and is helpful at noisy events where the audio ‘beep’ cannot be heard.

The Results

The mobile ticketing solution by nanoCrypt’s nanoTicket and Datalogic’s Gryphon 2D Plus reader made an event with extremely challenging admission controls possible. Not only were thousands of people able to pass through admissions quickly, but guests were boarded within a short time frame as a result of switching from the webcam to the 2D bar code reader.

The opportunity to purchase tickets up until the start of the event increased total sales at the event and improved customer satisfaction. The Gryphon reader also ensured fast and problem-free training for event staff as a result of the reader’s intuitive reading features.






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