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Success Stories

Success Stories

ReserviX and the Lynx PDA Give Access to Their Favorite Live Events - Datalogic

People love going to live events to cheer for their favorite team, experience the emotion of a live concert or to see their favorite stars up close.  But having to wait in long lines to get into an event can put a real damper on the whole experience.  ReserviX GmbH found a way to offer fans smooth access with short queue times using the Lynx™ PDA from Datalogic.

The ReserviX software was developed by computer scientist Johannes Güntert in 2002.  This tool made it possible to print tickets showing the location of the event and seating information from a printer in one’s own home.  With the help of Johannes Tolle, this simple software was soon transformed into a full-blown ticketing system for sales and distribution.  These two men founded a new company, ReserviX, which grew quickly and today is one of the German leaders in the ticketing field.  More than 80 employees work at the ReserviX headquarters and in the sales office in Berlin, handling over 100,000 events and 15 million tickets in 2013 alone.

The Challenge
Private ticket sales for sold out events via the internet is a profitable business that can attract swindlers who circulate false tickets, causing serious problems for authorized ticket dealers, access control operators, and customers.  ReserviX wanted to find an effective validation system that could combat ticket fraud by identifying counterfeit tickets.  Initially, the company used handheld laser scanners in batch mode to scan bar codes on tickets and collect information.  This offline operation created a large disadvantage because the data could not be communicated in real time and scanner synchronization was difficult.  Additionally, the laser scanners could not read 2D bar codes, which were becoming increasingly popular for use on event tickets.  ReserviX needed a device that could scan 2D bar codes, read codes on smartphones, and communicate wirelessly in real time.

The Solution
The Lynx PDA from Datalogic fulfilled all ReserviX’s requirements.  These devices can be programmed in Windows and are equipped with WLAN and UMTS, making real time communications easy.  The Lynx mobile computer also reads 1D and 2D codes, allowing passbook tickets or codes on smartphone displays to be read from any angle.

Christian Tolle, leader of software development peripherals at ReserviX, explained the access control process using the Lynx PDA.  “The correct ticket data is downloaded from the cloud to the Datalogic mobile computers, which continuously synchronize with each other.  When a visitor arrives at the event entrance, the operator scans the ticket.  If the data on the ticket matches the data in the Lynx PDA, the ticket holder is clear to pass.”  This simple procedure permits independent, uncomplicated ticket registration from any area of the event.

Other factors also favored use of the Lynx mobile computer.  Operators liked using this device because it was easy to use and had excellent physical features.  The ergonomics, small size and light weight made it comfortable in the hand even after prolonged use.  The LEDs on the mobile computer indicate battery status so the user can advise the head office ahead of time in case the battery needs to be changed.  A vibration function included in this device can also be configured to provide alarm signals for false tickets.  Finally, Datalogic patented “Green Spot” technology that makes a green spot appear directly on the code to confirm a good read helpes lines move faster.

“With Datalogic’s Lynx PDA we have found the mobile computer that fulfills the complex requirements of ReserviX for modern-day ticketing. The Lynx PDA ensures handy access control with interactive data exchange and a reliable, flexible system,” declared Christian Tolle.


Customer: ReserviX
Industry: Entertainment/Events
Application: Access Control
Country: Germany
Datalogic Products: Lynx PDA
Datalogic Partner: Aisci Ident GmbH

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