Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Safety comes first for the Memor and Prosegur - Datalogic

Prosegur, the only publicly traded Spanish company in its sector, is a leading Global Security Service provider with a direct presence in several countries. With a workforce of over 104,000 employees and 600 offices located throughout the world and a firm commitment to technology and innovation, the company has expanded continuously.


To strengthen its leadership position, Prosegur now offers comprehensive security solutions in addition to its other services, including logistics and inventory management. This is handled by The Prosegur Group's controlled company, Servimax.

This new service allows Servimax to offer its customers professional inventory services combined with maximum security. The company currently serves several companies in the retail and distribution sector, amongst which are the most important Spanish companies in the textile industry.


In order to provide the best service, Servimax carefully analyzes each client, studying the type of merchandise used, the customer's store and the shopping area. The company uses this information to prepare a protocol that defines the area where labels will be put for inventory procedures. Then, profiles are made of the people who will participate in the inventory process, the actual procedures are defined, and the team is trained.


Servimax needed a mobile solution to help run this inventory service, so the company contacted Datalogic Mobile Partner BlueStar for a solution. BlueStar suggested the mobile computer, MemorTM, of Datalogic Mobile, an extremely compact and ergonomic device that facilitates work and helps streamline processes, used with an application developed by the Software Developer Jedren ID. This solution would allow workers to handle the merchandise on the shelves without any problem, while the Memor's™ ergonomics and light weight would make bar code reading fast and easy.


After looking at several devices, Servimax decided that the solution using the Memor™ compact mobile computer was indeed the one with the best quality / price ratio. In addition, other variables such as ease of use and manageability, were key factors for this type of service, which this solution satisfied completely. The Memor™ guaranteed excellent and professional operation of Servimax's technological platform and supported all phases of the service.


"Our goal is to develop inventory services that offer speed and reliability, along with high added value, leading to a direct impact on shrink," said Oscar Gonzalez, Product Manager. "Thanks to the solution based on Datalogic's Memor™ and the application developed by Jedren ID, we can now offer optimum service to our customers. Both the people responsible for inventory management and our end user customers are extremely satisfied with the solution."

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