Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Savvy Retailer Improves Customer Service with Magellan Bi-Optic - Datalogic

Technology Savvy Retailer Transforms POS Systems with Datalogic Bi-Optic Scanners and Software from Uakari


Mario Rocca’s history represents the rise of a self-made man who succeeded as a result of his natural quick wit, perseverance and intuition. He established Gruppo Rocca in 1997, a retail grocery chain that plays a key role in the Italian retail industry with 14 locations including SMA Supermarkets, Cityper and Punto SMA.

The Challenge

The greatest strength of Gruppo Rocca is its ability to offer and rotate fresh perishable items. Rocca also offers a wide range of products, enticing layouts, competitive prices as well as efficient customer service. Gruppo Rocca has always been strong on technology and innovation. For instance, Rocca was the first company to install electronic labels in Italy. With a keen eye for new technological solutions, the company decided to focus on transforming check out stations into a “customer service point.”

To accomplish this goal, Gruppo Rocca decided to replace its existing point-of-sales (POS) equipment with next generation hardware from Datalogic and an innovative software solution developed by Uakari Software Srl.

Starting with the most prestigious and important supermarket located in downtown Rome, the installation of Datalogic’s Magellan™ 8300 bi-optic scanners/scales was successfully completed with a connection to Uakari’s POS front-end touch screen solution.

The Solution

The Gruppo Rocca specifically selected Datalogic’s Magellan 8300 bi-optic scanner because the scanner was the perfect solution for medium volume transaction environments. Furthermore, the Magellan 8300 can be configured as either a scanner or scanner/scale combination with Datalogic’s exclusive, patented All-Weighs™ scale platter to ensure accurate produce weighing at the checkout.

Featuring FirstStrike™ advanced software decoding algorithms, this scanner provides the industry’s best scanning speed and simultaneously improves the first pass read rates of damaged, wrinkled, or poorly printed bar codes, guaranteeing improved operational efficiencies at the retail checkout.

The Magellan 8300 scanner with the POS front-end solution by Uakari Software Srl provided Gruppo Rocca with the transformation they needed for their point-of-sale, from a traditional POS into a very simple and flexible customer service point. Besides providing the complete functionality necessary to support daily sales activities, Uakari’s POS front-end has been designed to communicate with the POS as well as the management programs of the head office.

The touchscreen graphical user interface overcomes the limitations of a traditional keyboard and the promotion engine of the Uakari POS front-end boasts a great variety of features from simple applications like price cuts to more complex scenarios.

The Rocca family was also extremely impressed with their ability to sell products that must be weighed at the checkout. Using the new scanners enables Gruppo Rocca to better manage the weighing process by using Uakari’s POS module in conjunction with the Magellan 8300 scanner/scales.

Customers often arrive at the check out with fruit and vegetables incorrectly labeled or without a label entirely. In bulk self-service areas, customers sometimes weigh the goods and then add other goods after weighing and labeling has been completed. Using Datalogic’s Magellan 8300 scanner/scale with an integrated Bizerba CS312 scale and Uakari’s module, a current weight check and goods without a weight label can be completed at the check out.

The Results

As a result of Gruppo Rocca’s POS transformation from a traditional check out to customer service point, the grocer can now provide value added features and information tools that decrease front-end costs by managing information on scanner software and diagnostics.

“Thanks to the Datalogic products and to the Uakari front end software, we can exploit new technologies and use new processes that help us improve our customer service and reduce general costs due to poor management of the goods on sale,” said Claudio Rocca of Gruppo Rocca. “We chose the scanners of a worldwide leader like Datalogic and the great competence and market knowledge of Uakari Software to quickly reach our transformation goal.”

Additionally, the management of stock levels enhance each store’s inventory management and are now based upon real-time information. As a result of the efficiency provided by the new POS system, customers also experienced a significant reduction in waiting time at the checkout, increasing their satisfaction and confirming the service objective reached by Gruppo Rocca.


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