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Success Stories

Success Stories

Served Up Fresh by the Kyman Datalogic - Datalogic

The Karl Kneusel Handels GmbH is an international importer and wholesaler of meat products with its headquarters in Vienna. The company's selection of meat includes fresh and frozen parts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry and game for sale in stores or restaurants. The meat comes from Germany and Italy, as well as from overseas, from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Australia or New Zealand.


A fast and intelligent logistics system is essential for perishable goods like meat. Therefore, Karl Kneusel, owner of the company, came to Datalogic's partner Barcotec requesting a solution that would revamp the current logistics system. Specifically, he wanted a system that would speed up product acceptance and verification, as well as improve the quality of the corresponding processes.


Keeping in mind that all items are supplied with a barcode on which all the information regarding the meat must be applied, a special software needed to be developed for a mobile computer. Barcotec developed this software and customized it to the individual requirements of the meat importer. The Kyman™ rugged mobile computer uses the software to split the EAN128 code into its component information during the scan.


This a very important in the meat delivery process, for example. Delivery completion is determined by the weight of the meat, so the entire pallet that arrives at the customer location is placed on a scale and the codes of every individual package are scanned by Kyman. The rugged mobile computer then separates the individual information regarding item number, weight, batch and production date, and also automatically calculates the total weight of the scanned information. The codes are checked to determine whether or not the total weight indicated on the mobile terminal is the same as that indicated on the scale and recorded delivery note. All the relevant information is recorded. If the information is consistent, the delivery is considered complete.


The Kyman then goes one step further, by sending the scanned data as a text file to a PC. Even the date and exact time of each scan are stored automatically. From there the data can be processed and evaluated easily, especially in Excel. "The Kyman has made this system possible," says Karl Kneusel. "This rugged mobile computer is the ideal choice for our needs. We can now satisfy our customers with a fast and highly efficient ordering and delivery process!"


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