Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Sony UK makes music with the Memor Datalogic - Datalogic

Sony DADC are a worldwide solution and technology provider for the entertainment, education and information industries. With a head office based in Salzburg, Austria, Sony DADC provides world-class optical media replication services and supply chain solutions in over 14 countries.


Ensuring accurate picking at their Enfield warehouse is of paramount importance to Sony and their customers, so when they choose to implement a cutting edge web based order picking system, Sony knew they would have to have the finest mobile computing technology for staff to interface with the system.


Sony turned to Datalogic Mobile partner Barcode-IT to provide a range of mobile computers for evaluation and testing, after a period of careful consideration Sony chose 63 Memor™ mobile WiFi terminals to manage the picking of individual orders in the warehouse and 9 industrial Fork Lift Truck mounted computers, for bulk replenishment to the pick face. The terminals supplied by Barcode-IT have been integrated with the new Sony web-based warehouse management system, allowing products to be picked easily and quickly throughout the warehouse and replacing Sony's existing text-based solution and terminals. The Memor™ is a compact, lightweight yet rugged mobile terminal ideal for the picking environment and uses a Wavelink Industrial Browser to connect directly to the Sony Warehouse Management System.


Wavelink Avalanche is being used by Sony to manage all of the terminals from a central source. Avalanche management technology, is an innovative mobile device and infrastructure management solution that solves the challenges associated with managing the wireless ecosystem.. The incorporation of Wavelink Avalanche technology into the Memor™ was a real selling point to Sony DADC, who value the ability to complete management tasks across the wireless LAN and WWAN, and ensures that the wireless environment is secure.

Customer: Sony DADC
Industry: Manufacturing
Application: Picking
Country: UK
Datalogic Mobile Solution: Warehousing
Datalogic Mobile Product: Memor™
Datalogic Mobile Partner: Barcode-IT


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