Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Take a Whiff of Enhanced Productivity at Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper - Datalogic

One is met with attractive scents upon entering the shop. The colorful shelves full of bright and beautiful packages invite the customer to take a look around. The wonderful fragrances, creams and cosmetics found throughout the shop add that extra touch to make any occasion special. Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper (Pieper Perfume Shops) emanates everything that exemplifies beauty and well-being. It is the largest family-owned retail perfume and cosmetics company in Germany with one hundred and twenty shops spread out across the country. It offers all the top international brands of cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and make-up products.

The Challenge
The extensive range of products pleases the customer’s eye, but when it’s time for inventory, the many small packages found in the perfume shops can pose a daunting challenge. Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper wanted to automate its time-consuming and error-prone manual inventory procedure to assure accuracy. A variety of factors were taken into consideration: which hardware is right for us? To what point can the software be personalized? What kind of solution do we need regarding existing workflows?

In addition, compact design and intuitive handling were crucial for employees that would use the new system. The mobile devices had to be small, ergonomic and rugged for use during everyday business. User-friendly software was required for simple and safe data capture, as well as a touch screen for entering missing barcodes. “Our employees have to scan every item shelf by shelf. This can be a very tiring job if the mobile computer is heavy and bulky,” specified Dipl.-Oec. Heiko Rütjeroth, Accounting Manager at Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper, Herne.

The Solution
After careful consideration, the company decided to use a batch data capture-solution because it was fast, simple and precise. “We were looking for a solution that was easy to use, quick and reliable. The Memor™ mobile computer and the software solution from Datalogic’s Partner, IDS GmbH, convinced Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper. Its handy cell phone shape, light weight and resistance to drops were additional features that, added to its unmatched price-performance ratio, made it impossible to pass up,” indicated Dipl.-Oec. Heiko Rütjeroth.

On the day of inventory, Memor mobile computers are distributed to all Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper branches by the internal logistics department. Employees enter their ID codes into the mobile computer and scan barcodes on every item. The Memor mobile computer then calls up the product information, allowing the EAN encoded and barcode data to be managed and recorded. These mobile computers collect data regarding anti-wrinkle-creams, gift articles and Eau de Toilettes from the counter to the basement.

After the data has been collected, it is transferred to the host system via docking stations. The results of the inventory procedure are fed directly into the system. Thanks to the dedicated program installed in the Memor mobile computer, the data is correctly assigned to the appropriate subsidiary.

The Results
This powerful batch solution using the Memor mobile computer has increased productivity and efficiency significantly. The inventory process takes just one day! Stock is checked automatically every few seconds and about 5 million items in all the subsidiaries are counted and documented without fail. This allows the company to accurately analyze current and non-current assets, helping reduce inventory loss.

“The Memor mobile computer makes our job easy”, explains Dipl.-Oec. Heiko Rütjeroth. “This mobile device offers a lot of advantages: even if scanning is necessary all day long, the lightweight and compact Memor mobile computer doesn’t tire our employees or cause any strain whatsoever.” Ruggedized with a 1.2 m drop resistance and an IP54 protection class, there is no risk of damage coming from extensive everyday use. Plus, new applications can be easily installed thanks to the Memor mobile computer’s expandable memory, making Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper ready to face future challenges.


Customer: Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper (Pieper Perfume Shops)
Industry/sub-industry: Retail/Specialty Retail
Application: Inventory Management
Country: Germany
Datalogic product: Memor™ mobile computer
Datalogic partner: IDS GmbH

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