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Success Stories

Success Stories

The Covalco Group chooses Datalogic Mobile's Memor to automate busioness - Datalogic

The Covalco Group, based in Granollers (Barcelona), is one of the most important groups in the Spanish food sector with a 136,000 m2 facility, revenues of over 400 M € and 1,700 references. The distributor represents two brands: the Comerco brand, which meets the demand of Cash & Carry self-service for restaurants and retailers, and the Coaliment brand, which provides franchises with a unified business strategy, based on home decoration criteria and common sales, as well as customer service criteria. Its online store "Coaliment Buy Healthy" was recently launched using an innovative concept. It informs consumers of the health benefits provided by the products it sells.


This modern company has always focused on the latest technology, exploring new ways to enhance customer service and optimize the work of its sales force, while improving in-store automation. Together with Comtech, Covalco decided to invest in an automatic identification solution that would allow the company to automate logistics and point of sale business processes. Datalogic Mobile's Memor™ was chosen for the job due to its easy integration with the current management software, great performance, small size and ergonomics.

Covalco gave a few MemorTM mobile computers to some of its most important retailers to facilitate order processing. The mobile computer is loaded with a specific Covalco application for retailers, that process the order by identifying the product through bar code scanning. The registered amount is entered on the keypad and once the order is placed, it is transmitted via modem directly to Covalco's central computer, which automatically assigns the preparation of the order to the appropriate Covalco distribution center for fast delivery. Thanks to the Memor™, Covalco's retailers are now completely independent when placing their orders. The process has become much simpler, leading to a reduction of order errors and faster delivery times.


The Covalco Group's sales force is equipped with Memors™ loaded with a specific application for in-field sales to deal with the Group's other retailers. The salesmen capture the request on site and process the order, which is transferred in real time to the Covalco Group's headquarters. 

"Our goal is to find solutions that provide the best service to our retailers. This led to the choice of providing our main retailers with a compact mobile computer that makes order processing easier and delivery faster," says Moisés Molto, Systems Director of the Covalco Group. "When Comtech presented us Datalogic Mobile's Memor™ we realized that this was the solution we were seeking. The device is really compact and fits perfectly with our needs due to its size, ergonomics and excellent price/performance ratio. The color display allows accurate reading, with easy data entry thanks to the keys on the device," points out Moisés. "Our retailers are very satisfied with the service offered by the Memor™ as well. They can now process their orders immediately, streamlining the supply chain. "Moreover," Moisés continues, "this mobile computer made it possible to automate our sales and store management processes."

Moisés concludes by saying "we are very pleased with the choice of Datalogic Mobile's Memor™. Its versatility has allowed us to automate many of our processes with a single terminal, which has further facilitated the decision process."

The Skorpio™ is also used by two of Covalco Group's stores, which have implemented a warehouse management solution based on SAP that allows the traceability of their products. The Skorpio™ is another mobile computer manufactured by Datalogic Mobile, which can be used with or without a handle, allowing operators to read product bar codes, such as batch information, expiration dates and locations in industrial or retail environments.

The Covalco Group has an installed base of over 300 mobile computers including Memor™ and Skorpio™. The company plans to continue acquiring more devices for future expansion and to continue equipping its new retailers with the Memor™.


Customer: Grupo Covalco
Industry: Retail
Aplicación: Work Order Management, Store Management
Country: Spain
Datalogic Solution: Retail In-Store
Datalogic Mobile Products: Memor™ and Skorpio™
Datalogic Mobile Partner: Comtech


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