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Success Stories

Success Stories

The Gryphon Imager Ensures Excellent Tracking at Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands - Datalogic

Antonius hospital in Sneek, Netherlands, cares for thousands of patients every year, over 80% of which come from the southwest of Friesland, including the Frisian Islands.  In order to reach some of the remoter areas in the region, the hospital became the first to employ an ambulance boat. The facilities also include an airfield for SAR trauma helicopters.  Antonius has a highly trained staff that uses the latest equipment and that continuously searches for new ways to increase the quality of care.  Automation plays a major role in reaching this goal.  Two of the most important work processes in the hospital, instrument sterilization tracking and medication administration, now use automation to ensure accuracy.

The Challenge
Until recently, data regarding tracking processes in the hospital was kept manually.  Operators would write down all the steps performed during the sterilization process of the instruments used for operations on paper.  Medication checks before administration to the patient were also managed manually.  Documents passed through many hands, increasing the possibility of error.

When a new hospital information system was introduced, Antonius had the opportunity to start using automation.  The hospital information system supplier, ChipSoft, recommended the Gryphon™ healthcare line of imagers for tracking the sterilization process and medication administration.  "ChipSoft had a wonderful experience with Datalogic and we were also pleased with the brand," affirmed Raul Muñoz Repko, Application Specialist at the Automation Department of the Antonius Zorggroep Care Trust, the umbrella organization of both Antonius Hospital and the Thuiszorg Zuidwest Friesland homecare service.  “We chose the 2D model because the Gryphon imager can scan codes at any angle quickly and easily.  This, along with Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology that shows a green spot directly on the code to indicate a good read, reduce the number of 'no reads’ and the time needed to perform this procedure to a minimum."  The hospital also saw the Disinfectant-Ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives as a great benefit.

The Solution
Antonius hospital implemented a solution using the Gryphon imagers for instrument sterilization tracking.  "The Central Sterilization Department provides the operating rooms with support.  This is where the instruments used for operations are prepared," Muñoz Repko explains.  The instruments are placed in a metal basket with a bar code.  After each operation, the baskets are taken to the Central Sterilization Department.  The Gryphon imager scans the bar code, automatically updating the information in the ChipSoft hospital information system.  Then, the basket and its contents are sent through a washing machine, which is also scanned.

After the basket has been cleaned, the Gryphon re-scans it and it is filled for the next operation.  Operators then pack the basket in special high-grade paper, attach a bar code sticker and scan it and the autoclave with the Gryphon imager.  Once this procedure has been completed, the autoclave sterilizes the basket.  "By scanning the washing machines and the autoclave, we know exactly which instruments are cleaned and sterilized by which machines, thus providing us with complete tracking if needed," indicates Muñoz Repko.  The Gryphon imagers provide increased speed, reliability and ease of use during this process.

The Gryphon imagers are also used in the preparation and administration of medication.  At the hospital pharmacy, medicine trays are filled and placed on a Computers on Wheels (COW) cart.  Bar codes are placed on the medication, if not already provided, and scanned.  Later on in the wards, the Gryphon imager scans the patients' armbands, prompting the COW to display the relevant patient file and medication list.  After entering a PIN code, the nurse can open the medicine tray and scan the medication.  If the screen turns green, the medication and the dosage are correct.  However, if the screen turns red, then the match is incorrect and corrective action is required.  Because the COW communicates wirelessly in real-time with ChipSoft, the inventory is constantly up-to-date and allows accurate medication tracking.

Since the deployment of the Gryphon imagers, Antonius Hospital has experienced a considerable improvement in work processes.  “This system using the Gryphon imager from Datalogic has significantly increased safety in the hospital with the possibility of error significantly reduced.  Thanks to these imagers, safety and work enjoyment have increased, while tracking has become easier and more accurate than ever.  The scanners make our work simpler and more reliable," stated Muñoz Repko.


Customer: Antonius Hospital Sneek
Industry: Healthcare/Hospitals
Application: Tracking & Tracing
Country: The Netherlands
Datalogic Products: Gryphon GM4400-HC, GD4100-HC, GM4100-HC imagers
Datalogic Partner: Scholten Awater B.V. - Nijmegen

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