Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

The Memor Mobile Computer Speeds Up the Inventory Process at Ove C. Bjerregaard - Datalogic

Ove C. Bjerregaard from Denmark has provided professional equipment for hotels, caterers and restaurants around the world since 1913. The company supplies all types of appliances and equipment needed in the kitchens of the food service industry. This consists of everything from salt shakers, cutlery and crockery to pots and pans.

The Challenge
Over 4000 items sit on the shelves in the warehouses of Ove C. Bjerregaard, with several pieces of each, making annual stock counts a monumental task for the limited number of employees that work in the warehouse. It was becoming such a time-consuming task that the inventory process started interfering with daily business, so Ove C. Bjerregaard decided to make a change. The company wanted a system that could speed up the inventory process and ensure as close to 100% accuracy as possible.

The Solution
Datalogic’s respected partner, Delfi Technologies, proposed customized software to be used with the Memor™ mobile computer for the annual inventory process. With this solution, the operator simply scans each item code on the shelves in warehouse with the Memor mobile computer and then types in the quantity. After all the items on the shelves have been scanned, the operator places the Memor mobile computer in the docking station to transfer the data to the company’s financial system. At this point, the operator’s job is done and the financial system takes over. Once the system collects all the data, a list of the item numbers scanned in the stock that do not match the numbers in the system is printed out. When the discrepancy is found, the correct stock figures get transferred back to the financial system and are stored.

The Results
Ove C. Bjerregaard is very pleased with this solution because it is simple, fast and precise. The Memor mobile computer provides much more stability than the previous terminal, with reliable hardware and batteries that don’t need to be recharged often.

“Compared to the previous solution with an older handheld terminal, this new solution provides two major benefits,” indicates Anette Andersen, Key Account Manager and supervisor of IT operations, ”the inventory process is much easier and faster with a lot less battery recharging, and the Memor mobile computer from Datalogic is much more stable. We can always count on this device to get the job done quickly and accurately. We are very satisfied with the solution.”


Customer: Ove C. Bjerregaard
Retail/Specialty Retail
Inventory Management
Datalogic Products:
Memor mobile computer
Datalogic Partner:
Delfi Technologies

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