Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Unlimited Sports Group chooses the fast and reliable Memor - Datalogic

Nothing is more annoying for a customer than being faced with a price at the checkout that does not match the price on the label. Price information on a product must be correct. By using the reliable, compact Memor™, price checks are now a piece of cake, according to Peter Jansen, Group Supply Chain & IT Director, USG.


USG is the largest sports retailer in Benelux with names like Aktiesport and PerrySport. Aktiesport has 160 stores in the country and has a large collection of sportswear, shoes and accessories at competitive prices. PerrySport has 60 locations where consumers can find a wide collection of sports, fitness and outdoor products.


Jansen: "In this business, prices change frequently and a certain amount of our products are already priced when they get delivered from places like China and India. To ensure that customers always see the right price, regular price checks must be made. Previously, this meant that employees had to take the product to the checkout where the scanner was connected. Time consuming! We needed the right tools to allow our employees to provide the best customer service possible with very little wait time. This is where the desire for a reliable, compact and high performance handheld came from, which could also run the software we work with, Mobile Office from Centric Retail Solutions. The Memor™ satisfied all these conditions, with the great advantage of an excellent price/quality ratio that is extremely significant when you're talking about an investment for 240 stores."


The Memor™ mobile computer is an easy to use, lightweight terminal with great ergonomics. It is equipped with an industrial standard operating system for simple business application and integrated WLAN or WPAN, allowing access to any infrastructure, making the Memor™ easily deployable. Plus, this small mobile device provides a very large memory for storing applications and data.

Jansen: "Our entire product line works with the Memor™ and is connected via a USB stick to checkout. Since this system works so well, we would like to start implementing e-commerce in our stores as well. This will create new sales opportunities and allow us to provide better service to our clients. It also opens other possibilities for multiple functions and fields of application for which the Memor™ can be used.


Future plans for the Memor™ have already been made with the addition of this Datalogic Mobile device in the Primo stores in Belgium as well. "We are very pleased with this device. "The speed and efficient scanning of Datalogic Mobile's Memor™ has been proven in practice," commented Jansen.


Customer: Unlimited Sports Group (USG)
Industry: Retail
Application: Price Management
Country: Netherlands
Datalogic Mobile Solution: Retail In-Store
Datalogic Mobile Product: Memor™
Datalogic Mobile Partner: Centric Retail


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