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Intelligent mobile devices pave the way to the future for retailers - Datalogic

Intelligent mobile devices pave the way to the future for retailers and food service

Retailers have been under pressure in recent years to adopt new technologies that will make them nimbler and enhance the customer experience.


Restaurants and the full spectrum of retail businesses, from convenience to boutique to large supermarkets and department stores, are adopting additional practices that will likely become permanent. A stronger emphasis on BOPIS and curbside pickup are likely to continue and grow. They need to meet shopper demands for the convenience to switch between online platforms and brick and mortar stores – sometimes for the same transaction – to complete a purchase.
To successfully adopt these new practices, businesses will heavily rely on mobile devices that allow them to be nimble and effective to keep their employees productive. Those that invest in these devices can adjust more quickly to new business practices and requirements.

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  • Queue-busting expedites the checkout process reducing customer waiting time.
  • Rugged store-provided devices are the most efficient and secure method for self-shopping.
  • Hands-free - purpose-built order notifications on top edge of mobile computer are particularly valuable in high-pressure, fast-paced environments where multi-tasking is essential.
  • For inventory applications that require large numeric data entries, certain mobile devices with physical numeric keypads help simplify and increase data entry rates.
  • Multi-functional mobile devices used by a delivery workforce eases overall fleet management operations and tracking transparency, including proof of delivery for contactless drop-off.

Ruggedized mobile PDA devices are useful in a multitude of functions, including notifying stores when customers arrive at curbside, connecting with inventory systems to keep shelves stocked, verifying order shipments and deliveries, and supporting contactless transactions.
With new enterprise mobile technologies, businesses and restaurants need not to wait for change, but rather embrace it as the right path to viable, more profitable future.


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