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Second display on mobile device boosts productivity and safety - Datalogic

Second display on mobile device boosts productivity and safety

Research supports: handsfree alerts boost productivity


When interrupted by an alert or notification, users stop what they are doing to access the information and react to it. Research clearly shows that each interruption affects productivity and concentration significantly. The average time it takes workers to return to the initial task after an interruption is eye opening. Read about the research to see how long work interruptions distract workers and how interruptions increase error rates.

Research shows
  • Interruptions impact the time for assigned tasks
  • Interrupted work is less thorough and detailed
  • Interrupted workers feel more stress, frustration, and time pressure
Rugged mobile devices are used in warehouses, retail stores and in the field. These devices support applications for communications, inventory management, email, scheduling and much more that issue notifications to alert the user.
Read the whitepaper to get the full story on the impact of interruptions and how revolutionary display technology can keep workers focused and productive. 

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