Shopevolution is your Omni-channel Self-shopping Software



stands as Datalogic's innovative Omni-channel software, designed to revolutionize Self-Shopping, Queue-busting, and Store Floor applications.

It empowers customers with the ability to seamlessly scan their groceries using a Personal Self Shopping device (PSS), facilitating a self-sufficient shopping experience.

With Shopevolution, shoppers can effortlessly list previously scanned products, access real-time purchase totals, and avail themselves of store offers and personalized promotions, including discounts.

This self-shopping solution not only reduces operational costs but also fosters customer loyalty, consequently driving up retailer revenue.

Key Features


Shopevolution boasts a range of features to ensure a smooth and expedited shopping journey:

  • Scan and Go: Enables swift scanning of products for added convenience.
  • Net Price Calculator: Provides instant access to net prices, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.
  • Promotion Management: Effortlessly manages store offers and promotions for maximum impact.
  • Marketing Push Notifications: Keeps shoppers engaged with targeted notifications.
  • Product Information: Offers detailed product information to aid in purchasing choices.
  • Shopper Survey: Collects valuable feedback to enhance the shopping experience further.

Additionally, Shopevolution comes equipped with a robust Loss Prevention suite, including features such as user trust ranking, smart audit rules, and real-time user behavior analysis.


Support for Joya Family

seamlessly integrates with Datalogic's PSS family of Joya devices, extending its functionality across various retail applications. With an embedded Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature, retailers can efficiently manage these devices and explore additional store automation possibilities by running third-party applications.

Support for Joya Family
Comprehensive Integrations

Comprehensive Integrations

offers out-of-the-box integration with Point of Sales, customer management, loyalty systems, as well as product and pricing engines. Its versatile API allows for easy integration with any retail ICT system, ensuring seamless operation across the retail ecosystem.

Cloud and Multi-Store Support

is Cloud-ready, providing these main benefits for retailers:

  • Cost Efficiency: Eliminates the need for in-store servers, reducing hardware, software, and maintenance expenses.
  • Multi-Store Management: One Shopevolution Multi-Store instance can efficiently oversee multiple stores, accommodating varying product pricing, customer databases, promotion policies, and time zones, among other factors.

Datalogic's Shopevolution sets itself apart as a unique solution provider, offering both hardware and software solutions tailored for Self-Shopping use cases. With its cutting-edge features, seamless integrations, and cloud-ready architecture, Shopevolution redefines the retail landscape, delivering unparalleled convenience and efficiency to both retailers and shoppers alike.

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