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Datalogic is widely associated with some of the best products available globally in the automatic data capture and process industries. You will find our handheld scanners, linear cameras, 2D imagers, mobile computers, connectivity gateways, and software across our key verticals of Retail, Manufacturing, T&L, and Healthcare. The world is becoming more connected, and industry and consumers want better customization and service. Our aim is to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to connecting asset, people, and data, leading to greater operational visibility, the ability to make real time decisions, speed up operations, and ultimately increase revenues. Most Datalogic products come with a range of options to suit every need, depending on customer requirements. It’s not always about the benefits that a single hardware item brings, however. Our products are often combined to create more complete solutions. For example, a handheld scanner working in conjunction with a mobile computer is a popular combination and something that can be set up relatively easily. However, when considering the case where a laser marking system requires verification of a DPM code the solution is rather more complex, requiring physical interfacing between sub-components and connectivity to third party equipment. Datalogic has a network of partners and system integrators who help assist in assembling such solutions. What we also offer are a growing range of off the shelf solutions for some of our most requested applications. There are currently 5 solutions available, with a view to add many more. These solutions are based on specific needs and go beyond simple integration, containing a level of customization that has been fully tested and documented by Datalogic engineers.

The solutions are typically made up of Linear Cameras (AV7000), 1D Reader Scanners (TC1200, DS, DX), 2D Imager Readers (Matrix, AV Series), Dimensioners (DM3610, DM3610-2 Head System), Connectivity (CBX Series, Fieldbus Toolkit, QL Series), System Integration (SC4000, SC5000, SC5100) and Software (WebSentinel). Available right now are the following solutions:

  • MFDS – Mass Flow Detection System. This is used with conveyor systems and allows the user to collect data for non-conveyable parcels. Increased ecommerce has given rise to many parcels that vary greatly in size and weight or are irregularly shaped. The MFDS prevents the need for manual operation and simplifies the process of detecting, dimensioning, decoding, and depicting items.

  • STS320 – Tire Sorting requires high-speeds, accuracy, and the ability to work continuously in harsh working conditions. Giving you complete control over identification, sorting, and traceability of your tire operation. You have complete visibility and control thanks the intuitive web interface.

  • STS400 – The previous generation, but ever popular, tire sorting solution from Datalogic, that can be installed in less than one hour.

  • BHS – Airport solutions help keep travelers’ flights and passengers moving according to schedule. BHS combines the checking of boarding passes, track assets, identify, weigh, validate and track luggage.

  • Parcel-Track – Identification and sorting of parcels on high-speed conveyor systems, with Legal for Trade dimensioning and weighing options.

All the above solutions are turnkey and available to order via a single part number from your local sales and service organisation. In return, you will receive the complete solution and associated services: pre-sales evaluation, project management, installation, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance.

Here at Datalogic we want you to be more empowered in your business by offering solutions that help drive faster and smarter performance, quickly and easily. Speak to us about these and many other solutions we have developed in conjunction with our partners and customers. We already have the solution to your challenges.


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