Datalogic provides embedded data capturing solutions for various industry applications, and also the private label of our leading data capturing devices.


Retail and Hospitality

The customer experience is essential to the success of any business.  Having an effective and robust device with a snappy embedded scan engine is instrumental to providing the user with accurate information so they can provide their customers with the servces and products they want, when they want them. 

Healthcare and Life Sciences

In healthcare and life sciences, scan engines are becoming a vital part in many products such as medical equipment, where available space inside devices is at a premium, requiring compact and powerful engines to provide not only barcode scanning but imaging capabilities as well. 


Lottery/Gaming device has been using scanning technology for quick and accurate validation of the tickets.  Scan engine with high motion tolerance, small size and wide scan angle will be the most suitable solution for such application.

Industrial Machinery

Automation has been a big trend in the manufacturing process.  A lot of machinery will benefit from the embedded scanning solution to provide precise and accurate information for higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Private Label

Datalogic is one of the pioneer companies in the automatic identification industry, accumulating over 40 years of experience with data capturing devices.  Datalogic products deliver high performance, top of the line quality and reliability to meet most of the data capturing application requirements, making Datalogic the ideal partner for private label business.