Asset & Document Control

Asset & Document Control

Asset & Document Control

Asset and document management systems use computer technology to track, manage and restrict access. These systems reduce paper while adding security and traceability. A critical component of these systems is a quick way to identify the asset or document which is in most cases done through some type of assigned number or alphanumeric string. Barcodes are instrumental in asset and document management systems as they eliminate the use of manual data entry. This ensures the correct item is referenced with each transaction. Enterprises of various sizes and functions use asset and document tracking systems for various reasons, protecting high value items from being lost to compliance with government regulations. Datalogic has an extensive array of products that support asset and document tracking for many industries.



Access control solutions require the ability to read both from mobile phones and paper barcodes without any degradation in overall performance. Paper barcodes often become damaged due to handling and can sometimes be difficult for the scanner to read. Mobile phone barcodes can be challenging as the screen brightness may vary presenting lower contrast barcodes. Oils and protective films on the screen also present an issue and can cause increased or decreased reflection.


With the increase in on-line ordering or e-commerce, more packages are being delivered to homes around the world. This trend has been increased by the recent pandemic. This presents greater opportunities for theft or loss. Smart lockers or postal lockers are the solution to safely hold packages until the recipient can receive them. This decreases on theft immensely and reduces the risk for merchants and shipping companies. The shelves of the lockers are identified by barcodes, and Datalogic's added value goes into digitizing the handling packages process.


Datalogic has invested significant time and resources into increasing the reliability of our scanning hardware and software. With world class decoding algorithms to quickly read both paper and mobile barcodes your access control solution will offer a positive user experience while increasing your traceability and minimizing loss or theft. Customers today can choose among a wide variety of embedded barcode reading technologies to satisfy all applications and requirements within the asset control market. Additionally, they can leverage features like “Green Spot” technology which will provide the user with visual indication of a successful scan. This is a benefit to users in both noisy or quiet environments where the audible tone is disabled or unrecognizable.



  • Enhanced user experience

  • Increased reading accuracy

  • Increased traceability

  • Decreased theft or loss

  • Total cost reduction