Barcode Access Control

Barcode Access Control

Barcode Access Control



An access control system (ACS) manages and guarantees the real and secure identification of people entering a restricted system, a supervised environment, or sensitive facility areas, based on the validity of their credentials. Access data can be encoded as barcodes or QR codes on paper, mobile phones interfaces or wearable gadgets. We will address the main access control systems and related most cost-effective solutions currently available in the ACS market.




There are two different types of access control solutions:

  • Automatic: when a stationary barcode scanner is placed at each access point for the reading of QR codes or RFID on mobile phone, wristbands, badges, etc.

  • Manual: when staff at the entrances are equipped with handheld scanners or terminals to supervise access to the building. The devices are all wifi-connected with a central security system, thus enabling quick response of the actual right of entry and the efficient management of entry/exit flows.

Whether automatic or manual, access control solutions can also be divided according to the kind of code they are designed to process:


  • Barcode Entry System

  • Barcode Access Control

  • QR Code Access Control




A barcode entry system is a type of access control system that manages the flow of items entering or exiting a business inventory. The advantage of implementing a barcode entry system for inventory management is to have a real-time, accurate overview of the goods available at the warehouse. Instead of managing inventory manually or with the aid of traditional spreadsheets, which imply a considerable risk for human error, businesses can rely on barcode entry systems for inventory management as a far more efficient system of item listing.




A barcode access control system is appointed to the reading of barcodes on key tags, ID cards or other means of access credentials. Whenever a barcode is scanned, it gets date/time stamped and it is then recorded within the barcode access control system. From the reports, management can get a full overview on busy/quiet hours, denied and granted entries, total number of visitors, etc. How does it work in detail? Once the barcode is scanned, the barcode reader sends the information to the barcode access control system that in return verifies the validity of the person’s status and, in case of good standing, it signals the gate controller to grant them access to the building.




A QR code access control system represents an effortless and cost-effective way to supervise access to limited areas. It allows for the quick generation of unique QR codes, useful for managing entries during a limited period and for specific zones of a building.

A QR code access control system represents a flexible and dynamic solution, as the generated QR code can be digitally sent through a variety of platforms directly to the attendees for them to print or show from their mobile phones. Once scanned, the QR code reader communicates the data to the access control system to authenticate accessibility rights.




Datalogic offers dedicated solutions for barcode access control, with a specific focus on age verification. Our portfolio includes multiple barcode readers that have the capability to decode the PDF417 barcodes commonly used to automate the age verification process. These devices help retailers, bars, event venues, and other enterprises effectively comply with government regulations that limit purchase, participation, or entry based upon age or other requirements. Datalogic solutions for barcode access controlmake it easy to read and send the data obtained from barcodes on Government issued identification cards to POS, access control systems, and other security systems for quick response and verification ensuring the customer’s legal age.

Datalogic solutions for barcode access controlofferscan engines which provide a snappy and accurate scanning performance for both printed and mobile phone displayed barcodes, with durability and reliability to meet the high-volume scanning requirements in access control and toll gate applications. 


  • QuickScan 2500 SeriesWith a variety of accessories and software configurations, this powerful handheld scanner is designed to give you the best fit for your store environment.

  • Magellan 35xxHSiIt allows items to be easily scanned with the high-specification sensor and custom optics that cover a large reading area.

  • Magellan 34xxVSIIt features the extra-large reading area and sweep scanning that provide fast and easy reading from a variety of barcodes and other sources.

  • Gryphon 4500 SeriesDesigned for reading 1D, 2D, Postal, Stacked, Digimarc, and Dotcodes – all in one nice and easy to use device.


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