Automated Scanning

Automated Scanning

Automated Scanning


Although first impressions are important when it comes to attracting a customer into a store, last impressions have an enduring effect. In many cases the decision whether a customer returns to your store or not is strongly influenced by the experience made at the checkout. Finding the checkout solution that supports your store concept and at the same time improves your customers experience is not always easy.

We looked at many different POS-layouts in our long-time experience and helped to revolutionize the checkout starting from the first POS scan back in 1974. Accompanying you for almost five decades, we know that your needs for efficient checkout processes have grown immensely in the past years. Technology has brought so many possibilities that only some years ago were considered future dreams. Especially the advantages that modern camera technology brings has led to a fast-paced evolution that already today offers a variety of checkout solutions.

One of these solutions is the fully automatic checkout portal. It is based on pattern recognition and recognizes items automatically as they pass by on the belt. It allows the shoppers to place items in any orientation onto a moving check stand belt. The items are captured on their way through scanning arches automatically. The combination of different technologies that we use for our barcode imagers and pattern recognition is resulting in a revolutionary system that does it both: it reads barcodes and visually recognizes items. This means that even if barcodes are covered or products are stapled, the system recognizes the item correctly and assigns them to the matching article.

The system that was first introduced by Datalogic has been developed to help grocery retailers to better service their customers by freeing staff especially during peak hours. 




With customers being more and more demanding, inquiring speedy checkouts and high-level services, grocery stores are trying different solutions to avoid queues and free time for their personnel. In today’s retail world especially the checkout process has developed to be me more and more autonomous. Depending on your store format and your customers culture, automated scanning could be a checkout solution that will help you in reaching a high level of customer satisfaction. We started with our experience for automatic scanning solutions already back in 1984, when we installed the first barcode reader at an airport – Milan Linate. Our automatic scanning solutions for grocery stores benefited from this long-term experience and today we can offer you one of the most sophisticated and reliable systems on the market. If your customers like a fully autonomous shopping experience, and you like satisfied shoppers, the Datalogic solution is the right choice.




  • Reduce loss and checkout shrink
    As all shopping items are placed on the belt and then read automatically as they pass through the arches, the risk of losses and shrink is reduced. With the automatic reading, losses caused by sweethearting, or administrative errors when handling items is prevented, and the checkout process is more secure.

  • Throughput performance
    The system that is equipped with Datalogic’s visual pattern recognition technology ViPR®, high-performance imaging technology and software to increase the first pass capture rate of the scanner is maximizing throughput performance beyond traditional checkout systems.

  • Higher service levels
    Thanks to the fact that the system works unmanned, it helps to free time for your personnel. Thus, your employees have more time to assist customers also during peak hours and make sure that they leave your store with a positive shopping experience.

  • Short ROI
    With the system being fully automatic and self-learning, it delivers a fast ROI after implementation. It supports you in managing your store according to your customer’s needs and ensures the right level of service anytime.


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