Field mobility solutions: barcode for courier and parcel

Field mobility solutions: barcode for courier and parcel

Field mobility solutions: barcode for courier and parcel



Asset management, maintenance, inspections, logistics operations. These are only a few examples of a wider professional area relating to field mobility, in which workers are required to use mobile computer technology to complete tasks independently of the workplace location, while maintaining and accessing essential data in real time. For instance, a technician would need previous repairs information before implementing further repairs, and for this reason smart companies provide their mobile workers with a cloud-based repository, to allow functional data access.




Efficiency and effectiveness are imperative, especially for small businesses dealing with mobility projects, but also for a variety of industries in need of specific mobility solutions such as telecommunication, cleaning & hygiene services, and facility management. Field mobility solutions can help you speed up your field services by freeing you from the burden of paper-based verifications and manual data collection, ultimately improving customers’ retention and the overall profitability of your revenues.

The following are the most relevant advantages of adopting field mobility solutions systems:

  • Route tracking and optimization (during delivery). It helps you plan itineraries, dodge delays, and trim transportation costs.

  • Customer database. Empower your mobile crew operations with the most recent and relevant data on the pending task to complete.

  • Customer prioritization. Focus on customer concerns such as delivery dates and status.

Each solution can be adapted accordingly to the business landscape to have a transformative impact on at least two main factors:

  • Interconnected operativity. Cloud-based applications allow the head office to communicate with mobile operators directly on their devices.

  • Quality of service. Customer satisfaction is improved by the agility and speed offered by your field mobile teams.




The exceptional impact of the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the demand for online shopping, leading experts to predict a market value increase of almost 50% in 2023.

Therefore, courier and parcel companies had to upgrade their field mobility to a never-before-seen level of coordination and efficiency, cutting down paper-based processes in favor of new mobile service solutions along the entire supply chain.

Among the numerous benefits of full mobile integration for courier and parcel, these are the most important:

  • Boosted productivity by increasing the number of tasks and deliveries performed.

  • No need for manual data entry and reduction of transcription errors.

  • Real time access to data anywhere, anytime when external connection is guaranteed.

  • Enhancement of customer service with faster response times, elimination of paperwork, more opportunity to upsell and increase customer satisfaction.




Field service personnel are the backbone of mobility operations, whether they are expected to manage sales calls, servicing equipment, construction projects, or delivering perishables. Out there in the field, your workforce needs to be provided with reliable mobile-based tools, as the efficiency of their technological equipment reflects the scale of your competitive edge. Handheld computers represent the perfect solution to withstand the peculiar challenges of mobility operations.

Handheld computers for field mobility are essential to maximize your business’ level of coordination and readiness. As evidence of this, more and more businesses have intensified investments in wireless field mobility solutions, aiming at the best user experience for their field mobile crews. The benefits of implementing mobile devices such as handheld computers to sensitive logistics environments like the business’ supply chain are undisputable:


  • Agile coordination. Seamlessly coordinate your mobile team's interventions and movements in a real time fashion.

  • Track & guide precision. Leverage the wireless, uninterrupted stream of data to optimize routes, track essential applications, and check compliance with relevant traceability regulations for food, drugs, and other perishables.

  • Responsive stocktaking. Bring your forecasting and stock levels to a degree of immediate responsiveness to demands on-site and in the field.

  • Augmented on-site work rate. Increase in-house productivity by interconnecting your site personnel.

  • Smart record. Monitor job completion status, customer information, equipment checks, and trip records by leveraging complete data visibility.


Although technology plays an indispensable role in a business' success formula, every company in need of field mobility solutions needs to think widely and holistically. As empirical experience and academic studies confirm, tools cannot replace a comprehensive strategy that considers measurable KPIs and leverages operative coordination to achieve better, yet rational goals.




Datalogic offers mobile computers for couriers and parcel for all field mobility operational needs: 

  • Memor 10. A versatile, ultra-ergonomic, and robust PDA running on an up-to-date Android™ OS version, equipped with the GMS suite from Google™ for easy running of applications and APIs.

  • Memor K. The pocketable PDA with 2 GHz octa-core processor and 3 GB memory designed to run demanding applications smoothly and multi-task effortlessly.


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