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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic brings the FUTURE of RETAIL to NRF 2023

Datalogic is bringing the FUTURE of RETAIL to the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show 2023 at booth 5939.  As the market leader in fixed retail scanning, Datalogic is always developing new solutions and technologies that advance Retail POS, inventory control, and supply chain traceability. 

Once again Datalogic will have an extensive display at NRF 2023 with products, solutions, and technology for every facet of retail.

The displays will include:

New Multi-plane Scanners, the Magellan™ 9600i and Magellan 9900i scanners are the FUTURE of RETAIL as powerful next generation of devices that offer fresh styling, rugged design, industry-leading scan performance, plus new options that enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the check-out.

Self-shopping Solutions featuring the new Joya™ Touch 22, the new mobile computer scanner equipped with a powerful processor, capable of handling customized add-on applications to make the in-store experience as seamless as possible.

Mobile Computers will include a preview of the new Memor™ 11 mobile computer. This new device has a market proven design, superior processing capabilities, new operating system, and enhanced scanning performance. The Skorpio™ X5 XLR with its innovative Extra-Long-Range imager, perfect for applications where the same device must seamlessly read codes near-by and at distances up to 20 meters, will have a prominent display. The Datalogic ISV Partner Team will be on site previewing the new ISV Partner Program. This program is designed to foster partnerships with the ISV community through marketing, sales, and technical support programs. Retail integrated software vendors should make plans to learn more at NRF 2023.

Handheld Scanners including the Gryphon™ and QuickScan™ families that are designed to make POS operations smooth and efficient. PowerScan™ 9600, the latest member of the industry leading family of rugged handheld scanners and the HandScanner, the personal hands-free scanning solution will also be on display.

Self Check-out Solutions that maximize check-out throughput while reducing labor for applications in Grocery, DIY, Hospitality, Convenience and more.

Hands-Free Scanning Solutions designed specifically for e-commerce fulfillment that increase productivity by up to 30% using the Matrix™ 320 stationary industrial scanner.

Datalogic booth 5939 at NRF 2023 is where retailers can get hands-on experience with these devices and learn about the FUTURE of RETAIL. Datalogic will have a hospitality espresso bar in the booth where visitors can enjoy a coffee beverage while meeting with Datalogic product managers, sales executives, and senior managers. Join us at booth 5939.

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