Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

Sixth positive quarter in a row for Datalogic: €35.1 million in revenues for the second quarter of 2004, up 6.8% on 2Q03 sales of €32.9 million.

Bologna, 8th July 2004
- Consolidated revenues reached to €35.1 million during the second quarter of 2004, compared with €32.9 million for the same period in 2003 (+6.8%).

The half-year closed with sales of €67.4 million, up 5.7% compared to €63.8 million earned in the first half of 2003.

Thus, the company's growth trend continues: with the figures at 30 June 2004, Datalogic reports its sixth quarter in a row of rising sales.

Sales were especially lively in Italy, Germany and the Far East (Asia and the Pacific), where two-digit growth rates were reported.

The Shopevolution and RFID (electronic labelling) lines continued their sharp upward trend during the quarter, constituting more than 12% of consolidated sales.

These are the preliminary 1H04 sales figure for Datalogic S.p.A., a TechStar-listed company that designs, manufactures and distributes bar code readers and RFID (radio frequency identification systems).

"We are thrilled with these results," comments Mr. Roberto Tunioli CEO of the Company, "because they mean we have grown for six quarters in a row now, even in times of great instability for the international economy."

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