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Success Stories

Success Stories

Buy a book at the Madrid Book Fair with the Memor Datalogic - Datalogic

James Fitz-James Stuart, founder of Ediciones Siruela in 1982, began his publishing career to raise awareness of forgotten gems of medieval European literature. In fact, the company published the first modern translations of these works of art. Over the years, the company has expanded its publications with new collections and literary magazines. The publisher has been has received several awards for its contribution to literature.


Every year, Ediciones Siruela presents its collections at Madrid Book Fair to offer readers the chance to interact with the publishing company and purchase its books. However, the manual sales process was too timely so Ediciones Siruela decided to use a new system based on the Stockapp® application developed by Jedren Id Solutions and the compact mobile computer Memor™ of Datalogic to improve service to its customers and automate its stock processes.


Using this system, the booth staff of Ediciones Siruela received all the required information immediately. The staff would simply pick up the book that interested the customer and read its bar code with the Memor™. At that moment, the terminal screen would immediately show all the information about the book: price, discount, availability and author. If the customer decided to purchase it, the sales person would automatically print out the sales slip from the mobile printer and the sale would be completed quickly. At the same time, the system gave the staff the possibility to display all the book information by entering any of the fields registered (ISBN, title, author, etc.) through the keyboard.


This new system using the Memor™ has also allowed Ediciones Siruela to have full control of the state of its sales at the Book Fair, as the information was automatically registered in the system, ensuring real-time information, accuracy and no errors.


Datalogic's Memor™ is a pocket-sized mobile computer based on the Windows operating system, with a simplified keypad, color touch display, great ergonomics (handled with one hand) and robustness, which can also be used as a mobile phone. It is equipped with the patented Datalogic Green Spot, which ensures good read verification, even in noisy environments. These features proved to be the perfect mix for Ediciones Siruela, which had great success using this device. The Memor™ and Stockapp® application provided a simple and efficient system, allowing the company to take full control of stocks in small and medium sized stores, retail stores and chain stores, as well.


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