Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Centre Hospitalier du Nord uses Datalogic PDAs to secure patient - Datalogic

How CHdN streamlines patient transport, eliminates paperwork and gets accurate patient data for both sites at Ettelbruck and Wiltz


Secure patient movements


The Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHdN) provides comprehensive care services to the people of North Luxembourg from two sites at Ettelbruck and Wiltz. It is committed to offering the highest possible standard of care while promoting the wellbeing of its patients, visitors, partners and employees. At the same time, the hospitals must be careful to use public resources efficiently.



 The objectives that CHdN wanted to reach were many:

  • Obtain safer movement of patients
  • Optimize patient logistics
  • Cut wasted journeys
  • Central co-ordination of logistics
  • Patients arrive on time for appointments
  • Reliable statistics for both Ettelbruck and Wiltz sites


And find out how it was possible meet these results:

  • 48,000 patient movements optimized
  • Mileage and time saved for logistics team
  • All patient records automatically verified
  • More accurate patient data
  • No paperwork


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