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Success Stories

Success Stories

Coherence in Stores Bring Cost Saving to Management and Customers - Datalogic

Eurospin Selects Datalogic’s Magellan™ 8400 Scanner for a Modern, Efficient and Consistent Point-of-Sale (POS) System



Eurospin Italia S.p.A. is the largest Italian Group in the discount sector with more than 800 stores in Italy and Slovenia. It is one of the few large-scale retailers to be in continuous expansion and aims to achieve an even more comprehensive network of retail outlets throughout this territory.


With 30% of its share in the national market, Eurospin is the sector leader for number of stores and customers as well as employee retention. The company strives daily to strengthen its top position in Italy and to become a major player in Europe by keeping prices constantly low and offering quality products.


The Challenge

Eurospin relies on uniformity and coherence within the group’s operations to get the best return on investment, extending beyond an economic point-of-view. Coherence in initiatives realized for the consumers is a major component of the company’s success and came into play when Eurospin decided to update their POS system with new scanning hardware.


“Eurospin needed to install consistent hardware and software technologies at the POS to manage resources for the entire network. As a result, it was important for Eurospin to gain sales promotion and marketing consistency, with accurate feedback and data to analyze,” stated Dr. Moreno Menegazzi, Managing Director of Spesa Intelligente S.p.A., the company in charge of Eurospin brand in North Italy and Sardinia.


Furthermore, Eurospin needed a system that was able to weigh items directly at the POS. The new scanning solution would need to be adopted for the entire network to grant uniformity in management control and to improve the efficiency within all stores in Italy.


The Solution

Eurospin selected System Retail, a Datalogic partner, as the sole solution provider for their technology and POS solutions. Based on their POS scanner and scale needs, Eurospin selected Datalogic’s Magellan™ 8400 bi-optic scanner, configured as scanner scale with remote scale display.


The Magellan bi-optic scanner was selected because it is one of the highest performance 5-sided POS scanners available today. The scanner improves operational efficiency tremendously with outstanding first-pass read rates. It also represents the next step in value from Datalogic’s Magellan family by breaking previous records of performance, reliability and check out productivity.


Over 3,000 Magellan scanners have been installed across the network of retail outlets. With this POS upgrade, Eurospin also implemented a new front end software system and a fiscal printer to further enhance the weighing process.


By using the new Magellan scanner scale, Eurospin’s cashiers can now place any long or bulky item on Datalogic’s patented All-Weighs™ scale platter. The All-Weighs scale platter ensures accurate produce and bulk food weighing by joining the horizontal and vertical platters together to transfer all weight to the scale. After the item has been weighed, the display shows the total kilos, the defect and the price. To finish, the fiscal printer prints the bill with all the weighing details.


The Results

At Eurospin’s retail outlets, the check out station has become a service point; a key reason why Eurospin decided to invest in activities that bring innovation, effectiveness and efficiency to the management system.


By choosing the Magellan 8400 scanner scale, Eurospin is able to take advantage of the All-Weighs scale platter, which has drastically reduced costs for customers and has improved gross margin due to highly accurately weighing of items that can ‘disguise’ their weight.


“Someone could think this solution slows down the checkout operations,” says Dr. Menegazzi, “Instead, the consumer’s perception of this service is excellent. Our customers now can choose products without thinking about the codes to weigh them on the scale.”

“Eurospin’s philosophy, ‘Shopping Wisely,’ can be adopted not only for the shopping for the freshest food products, but for other services that the consumer is typically accustomed to. For instance, Eurospin has been one of the first retailers to sell low-cost travel related products and services to the costumers,” Menegazzi added.


To position themselves for the future, Eurospin has asked System Retail to install an information kiosk, where customers can come use an electronic catalogue to choose a travel pack and print all the details directly on a coupon. Menegazzi stated, “Obviously we will improve all the functions and renew all the technologies, optimizing all the sales activity directly at the checkout. We believe this is achievable by working with companies like Datalogic!”



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