Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Datalogic's Elf PDA Helps Make Warehouse Operations Move Like Clockwork - Datalogic

Van Oort Transport, a large-scale carrier in the Netherlands, offers transport, storage and removal services for companies and individuals. Its subsidiary, TS Meubeltransport, specializes in the delivery of furniture that requires special care and attention. TS Meubeltransport picks up furniture from the manufacturer, stores it in its central warehouse in Eck en Wiel and transfers it to the various furniture retailers throughout the country all in a few days’ time. As business continued to increase, and in order to allow this subsidiary to expand its services and improve efficiency for the flow of goods and delivery completion, Van Oort decided to look for an advanced transport and warehouse management system for TS Meubeltransport.

The Challenge
Franklin Roodnat, automation supervisor and head of the administration department, explained, "as transporters, we represent an important link between the manufacturer and store owners. The need to keep track of information has grown immensely in recent years for all parties involved in the process. Manufacturers want to know how quickly and the exact moment in which the product will be ready, as well as when it will be picked up. Store owners want to know the exact delivery date and precise delivery time, so that they, in turn, can offer their customers good service. Customers are eager to know when (day & time) their purchased goods will be delivered. Therefore, our need for an efficient transport and warehouse management system became increasingly urgent.”

Roodnat continued, “a few complications also had to be taken into consideration. We never know beforehand what exactly will come in, and the goods that arrive at the warehouse must be delivered within 48 hours, 72 hours at the latest. The challenge we faced was developing an intuitive, flexible and custom-made solution for the dynamic environment in which we work, completely geared to our business.”

The Solution
Working together with Datalogic’s partner Mobile Creations, Van Oort Transport found the solution in Nazca IT’s software and the compact ELF™ PDA from Datalogic. “Within a year the new warehouse process was completed and implemented, unbelievably quick and without any notable problems,” noted Roodnat. The Elf PDA provides an advanced mobile solution that includes a laser bar code reader or 2D imager, so operators can read all types of codes without difficulty. It’s also easy to use due to the compact and ergonomic frame making it comfortable to hold in the palm of the hand. Like all of Datalogic's mobile computers, the ELF PDA incorporates pre-installed Wavelink® Avalanche® device management software as well.

The greatest advantage offered by the Elf PDA is the transfer of data through UMTS/3G data technology, providing TS Meubeltransport with the most cost-effective solution for a 10,000m² warehouse. Thanks to this valuable feature, the back office receives data from the Elf PDA about incoming and outgoing goods by scanning the bar code on the furniture when it comes off and goes onto the truck. The Elf PDA records this information in order to track all the furniture’s movements within the warehouse up until the moment it is placed on the truck for transport to the customer. This solution saves a lot of time and money for TS Meubeltransport.

The Results
"Due to the size of our warehouse, WiFi was not an option. It would have been too large an investment. The Elf PDA, however, employs the mobile 3G network, making it the best solution for us. Thanks to this special feature, we were also able to use the ELF PDA in our warehouses in Zaltbommel, Tiel and Belgium. We are so pleased with the ELF PDA’s performance, we plan on equipping our drivers with it as well, allowing us to track goods delivery right up to the customer’s door. This will be the next step towards improving our customer service even further," affirmed Roodnat.


Customer: Van Oort Transport – (subsidiary company - TS Meubeltransport)
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Sub-Industry: Distribution Centers
Application: Warehouse Management
Country: The Netherlands
Datalogic Product: ELF™ PDA
Datalogic Partner: Mobile Creations

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