Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Datalogic's Self-shopping Solution Boosts Sales and Customer Satisfaction at Conad Centro Nord - Datalogic

Conad Centro Nord is one of the most important retailers in Italy with over 230 supermarkets, hypermarkets, and mini-markets spread across the country. Its supermarket at Le Querce shopping center in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy attracts many customers thanks to its strategic location and vast selection of products.

The Challenge
Due to the multitude of customers, the Conad supermarket at Le Querce shopping center faced a problem common to most supermarkets. Long lines would form at checkout, especially at peak times on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. Since Conad’s top priority is excellent customer service, the company wanted to find a solution that would not only reduce time in line, but also enhance the overall customer shopping experience.

The Solution
Conad Centro Nord opted for an innovative technological solution that could satisfy the store’s needs and benefit customers. At Conad Centro Nord’s request, Datalogic installed its self-shopping solution utilizing Joya™ pods. To use the pods, customers must register with their loyalty cards. Once registered, a customer can pick up a pod at the store entrance, scan the items to be purchased, put them in a bag in the cart and go straight to checkout. Waiting time is minimal because there is no need to unload the items onto the checkout counter and re-pack them after being scanned. The customer simply presents the Joya pod to the cashier and pays the amount indicated on the pod.

The Results
In just a few months after implementing this system, revenue rose by 15% with more and more customers using the Datalogic Self-shopping solution every day. Customers were enjoying this new way of shopping, allowing them to scan and go.

The system also eliminates surprises at checkout. Before, customers would arrive at the checkout counter and see an unexpected price for an item, due to misplacement or price tags removed. This would lead to price checks, a longer wait and an unsatisfied customer. Now, with the Joya pod, the customer knows the correct price of the item being purchased instantly..

Thanks to the success of this installation and the extremely positive response to this innovative technological solution, Conad Centro Nord decided to expand the use of Self-shopping terminals and contracted with Datalogic for a long-term project of deployment into more stores.

“The Datalogic Joya pod combined with its Shopevolution™ 6.0 middleware solution guaranteed us immediate success with our customers. Moreover, it strengthened our 11-year long relationship” stated Luca Genitoni, Sales and Logistics Manager at Conad Centro Nord. “The trust we placed in Datalogic, an Italian company characterized by a strong willingness to innovate and understand future market trends, gave us the chance to adopt a self-shopping solution that caught on quickly with customers and gave immediate results in terms of a return on investment.”


Customer: Conad Centro Nord
Industry:  Retail
Sub-Industry:  Grocery/Supermarkets
Application: Self-shopping
Country: Italy
Datalogic products:  Joya and Shopevolution 6.0

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