Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Gebrüder Weiss flies around the world with the Falcon - Datalogic

Gebrüder Weiss is one of Austria's largest transport and logistics service providers. The company is present in 25 countries with 156 locations worldwide. As a logistics specialist, GW controls global supply chains, with excellent customer being its primary goal.

The company has expanded quickly in recent years, and with its services covering more and more territory, Gebrüder Weiss decided that it was time to switch over to an automated system for handling logistics operations. This was the only way to assure the continued excellent customer service the company is known for. Therefore, the company tested various mobile devices, with one standing out in particular, the Falcon™. Gebrüder Weiss was impressed by its ease of use, ergonomics and robustness. The company opted for this Datalogic device both in its Romania and Austria locations.

Use the Falcon™ has made stocking and cross-docking operations, output, input and storage processes much easier and faster. The Falcon™ creates electronic reproduction of the information flow, saving time. This also minimizes risks of the emergence of false data because digital communication occurs simultaneously. Another advantage is, of course, accurate bar code identification, which ensures complete transparency and efficient integrated processes. Thanks to electronic data processing, a higher volume of work is guaranteed as well as increased work efficiency.

Hr. Corneliu Fecioruv, Marketing and Sales Manager of Gebrüder Weiss Romania, commented on another advantage of using Datalogic devices, "processes such as stock evaluation can be done in a much shorter time without interruption of the activities implemented in the field."

"We have been using Datalogic devices since the beginning of our activities in Romania. Our positive experience with Datalogic and the Falcon™ has convinced other subsidiaries of our Group to start using Datalogic devices as well" indicated Hr. Corneliu Fecioru.

Customer: Gebrüder Weiss
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Application: Inventory, Stocking
Country: Romania
Datalogic Business Solution: Warehousing
Datalogic Products: Falcon™

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