Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Gryphon and PowerScan Cordless Scanners from Datalogic Streamline Ticket Sales and Access Control at the World War II Museum in Moscow

The World War II Museum is one of the main divisions of the Pobeda Memorial Complex at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow.  It is one of Russia’s most impressive military history museums, covering the most complete range of historical periods with several collections, elaborate displays and a vast scientific library.  The museum attracts numerous Russians and foreign visitors every year.

The Challenge
Tickets for the main museum complex and for the open-air areas are sold at the ticket office and controlled manually by personnel at the entrance of the exhibitions.  A complicated ticketing system provides various options and privileged categories for access to these areas.  This makes manual checking of the tickets difficult and prone to errors, resulting in inaccurate reporting.

The Solution
The WWII Museum administration asked Ticket Soft, the Russian leader in recreational and cultural facility automation, to help solve this problem.  After Ticket Soft discussed the requirements with Datalogic partner, Infotech & Service, it recommended that the museum continue using the current software for ticket sales with the addition of a handheld scanner at the various exhibition entrances to control access.  Ticket Soft developed a solution for the museum based on the cordless Gryphon™ imager and PowerScan™ industrial handheld scanner from Datalogic.

The WWII museum used this solution to sell tickets at the museum entrance, as well as at self-service terminals and self-service kiosks.  At all the vending points, visitors can buy different types of tickets (full price, reduced price, free entrance for particular categories of visitors), as well as tickets for photo and video shooting and guided tour passes with the possibility to define the type, time and language of the tour.  The Gryphon cordless imagers check tickets and control access to the main part of the Museum Complex.

The PowerScan PM8300 industrial scanners control access to the outdoor entrances.  The rugged design, as well as the resistance to drops and harsh conditions made these scanners the ideal choice for a city that can reach frigid temperatures in winter.  Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology, allowing a green spot to appear directly on the code to confirm a good read, is also helpful for reading tickets in the midst of noisy crowds.

The  Results
The Ticket Soft solution with Gryphon and PowerScan handheld scanners from Datalogic simplified ticket sales and access control, while greatly reducing the possibility of entering an exhibit with a used or invalid ticket.  Plus, the museum can now count on accurate reporting.  Curators use the collected information to understand who went to see what and when more accurately.

“The Gryphon and PowerScan scanners have helped optimize expenses for the whole project and achieve the defined goals,” indicated Yury Lokshin, Head of the Projects Department at Infotech & Service.  “Datalogic scanners provide accurate and efficient access control for visitors both inside the museum and at the outdoor exhibitions.  We are very pleased with this solution.”


Customer: World War II Museum of Moscow
Industry/Sub-Industry: Hospitality - Entertainment/Museums
Application: Access Control
Country: Russia
Datalogic Products: Gryphon GM4430, PowerScan PM8300
Datalogic Partners: Infotech & Service, Ticket Soft

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