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Success Stories

Success Stories

Memor mobile computer for TOPSHOP & TOPMAN - Datalogic

Trenor Group is a fashion retailer with a franchise of brand stores. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks to an agreement with British fashion company Arcadia Group Ltd., a British retail giant in fashion, Trenor has a portfolio of many different brands, including the widely known TOPSHOP and TOPMAN.

The Challenge
Both the TOPSHOP and TOPMAN retail stores used a solution for store inventory management that required a lot of work and that was very time consuming. Every time an inventory procedure needed to be performed, someone from the head office would have to bring a laptop with a specific integrated application to each store, along with another terminal for wireless data transfer. These devices needed to be set up for use in the specific store, and the inventory process could finally begin.

The company wanted to simplify the process, so it began to look for new alternatives. Trenor turned to its existing supplier BDG AB for a new solution to be integrated into its TOPSHOP and TOPMAN stores that would be faster, easier and more efficient. After carefully examining the situation with its partner, Delfi Technologies, BDG AB suggested a standard handheld computer solution using BDGRetail software and Datalogic’s Memor mobile computer. Trenor tried out this system and the solution proved to be exactly what the company was looking for.

The Solution
Each store is equipped with Memor mobile computers. The employees enter their store ID’s into the devices and dock them in order to receive the latest articles / EAN / inventory template automatically. After the information is downloaded, the employees start scanning items. When all the data is collected, the Memor mobile computers are placed in their docks to automatically transfer the data to the ERP system in the head office, completing the inventory procedure in a fraction of the time it took before this new system was implemented.

The Results
The Memor mobile computer met and exceeded all the company’s requirements regarding time savings, secure flow of data between the device and LS Retail, and easy handling of registered products. Thanks to its network communication capability, the Memor mobile computer also eliminated the previous requirement of a special PC in every store.

Staffan Nordensson, IT & Logistics Manager at Trenor AB, comments: “Our new BDGRetail hand terminal solution with the Memor mobile computer was quickly and easily implemented in the stores. We have reduced our staff costs and the administration in-store system has been significantly simplified.”

Customer: Trenor AB
Industry/Sub-industry: Retail/Specialty Retail
Application: Inventory Management
Country: Sweden & Denmark
Datalogic Products: Memor mobile computer
Datalogic Partner: Delfi Technologies

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