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Success Stories

Success Stories

Mr. Wash cleans up with Datalogic devices - Datalogic

The 13,000 square meter car washing center, Mr. Wash, can wash approximately 3,000 cars a day. About 80 busy employees, clean, wash and polish the cars until they shine. The cars can be washed and cleaned inside and out. In addition, Mr. Wash offers oil changes and provides gas stations so cars can fuel up after being cleaned.


Since the company runs 32 centers throughout Germany, it requires a simple and fast process to ensure that everything operates smoothly. Therefore, Mr. Wash must use automatic identification in all its processes.


The Memor™ mobile computer by Datalogic Mobile was chosen by Mr. Wash for use with a small mobile printer for registration and generation of a receipt with a barcode that contains information on all the services rendered, while the PowerScan® handheld scanner by Datalogic Scanning was chosen for machine programming and identification purposes at single work stations.


Improved Efficiency with Memor™ and Powerscan®
Wash processes are now more efficient and faster thanks to Memor™ and Powerscan®.
As soon as a car stops at the entrance of Mr. Wash, an employee welcomes the driver with a Memor™ in hand and a mobile printer on the belt, used to register the services requested. The customer can choose from 6 different wash programs, which range from a simple exterior cleaning to intensive washing with special treatments. Simple external cleaning, inner cleaning und special treatments or a mixture of all different programs are stored inside Memor™ and can be automatically called up whenever needed.


The employee enters the selected washing program in the Memor™. The information is then sent to the printer via Bluetooth®, which creates a receipt with a barcode on it. The barcode indicates which service stations the car needs to pass through and the purchased services. The customer pays the employee, while the receipt is printed out and placed behind the windshield. This assures that the proper service will be provided for the car. At the end of each shift, all the data collected by the Memor™ is sent to the host system through the cradle.


At each station an employee scans the receipt on the windshield with the Hand Held Scanner PowerScan® from Datalogic Scanning. Within seconds a validity check is done and the data is communicated via radio. The data is then passed via a 433 MHz narrow band radio to the base station of the hand held device. With this system, the entire car washing process, external and internal, takes only 10 minutes.


This Datalogic solution realized for Mr. Wash by the Datalogic Partner, Aisci Ident guarantees fast and secure identification processes. The complete workflow is completely planned and offers a lot of advantages to the employee. The Microsoft CE based Memor™ mobile computer offers a comfortable device that is easy to use for all registration processes by the employees. The small and lightweight mobile device is very easy to handle, while being robust at the same time with its IP54 protection class, allowing it to sustain the rough environment of the washing site. The Hand Held Scanner, PowerScan®, guarantees fast and secure reading with the patented green spot. It's robustness and reliability, thanks to its IP65 protection class and 2m drop resistance, also assure accurate and continuous reading.


In total Mr. Wash uses about 80 Memors and 120 PowerScans at its 32 subsidiaries. "With our solution we solved more than one issue, optimizing processes for the customers and improving procedures for employees that now can fully rely on the collected data for planning and controlling resources and purchases. The Memor™ and Powerscan™ allow us to live up to our standards: high quality, fast processes and attractive prices," says Arndt Kaiser, Manager IT, Mr. Wash Auto-Service AG.


Customer: Mr. Wash Auto-Service Aktiengesellschaft

Industry: Retail

Application: Data Management

Country: Germany

Datalogic Mobile Solution: Other

Datalogic Mobile Product: Memor™

Datalogic Mobile Partner: Aisic Ident GmbH



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