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Success Stories

Success Stories

Ordering Lunch at Velo Restaurants Has Never Been Easier thanks to... - Datalogic

Velo Restaurants Ltd is an independent Quick Service Restaurant based in London, England. The company has introduced an entirely novel concept which combines an offering of delicious fresh, light and healthy Vietnamese street food with state-of-the-art touch screen ordering technology, the first of its kind in the restaurant industry. The first site was opened in November 2011 in London, close to the London Bridge and More London business district.

As a new Quick Service Restaurant in one of the busiest areas of London, Velo aspired to create an offer that was unique, fast and beneficial to loyal customers. Due to fairly high overhead in the restaurant trade, Velo decided to develop a streamlined process for food ordering, preparation and delivery. In this manner, the company could utilize its staff resources efficiently and provide consistent food quality and service. The food ordering process needed to be fast and intuitive for both office workers on their lunch breaks and local residents, as well as for passing tourists. The food was designed to be simple with the right appeal to health conscious and time challenged office workers. With so much competition locally and such an increasing popularity of this type of food, Velo also focused on creating a loyalty campaign for regular customers via its unique VeloCard, a contactless loyalty payment card which also provides the individual customer’s order history with a touch of a button.

Velo Restaurants faced three main business challenges: managing multiple orders during peak hours, providing an innovative kiosk-based interactive ordering system that is easy to use and giving customers a choice for method of payment. Velo created a set of four special kiosks for this purpose, which are fully integrated with various components in the system, such as the custom designed point-of-sale terminals, kitchen displays, pick-up displays and order touch screens operated by the staff behind the counter. All that was missing was a barcode reader that could match the system requirements. Velo turned to ERS (Electronic Reading Systems) for the solution, which provided the Magellan™ 1100i omni-directional bar code reader. The Magellan 1100i reader allows customers to self-scan the pre-prepared items and soft drinks at the kiosk saving handling time and consequently, staff cost. Thanks to its natural intuitive scanning depth and field of view right up to contact, customers can use the Magellan 1100i reader naturally with no help from staff. It is the most reliable element of the system thanks to no moving parts included, allowing it to be installed in the narrow, harder to reach area of the kiosk with no concerns.d

Customers use the touch screen kiosks designed by Velo for placing their food orders and making payment. The clear simple layout makes the process intuitive and easy. It includes a large touch screen that displays all the product categories, information on the current item selected, the tray of items selected, along with the total, all on one screen. Pre-prepared items and soft drinks are scanned and added to the order using the Magellan 1100i omni-directional bar code reader. Orders are then transferred instantly to the open kitchen behind the counter and prepared by multiple staff members. During this process, customers see the real time status of their order on the kiosk display. They can pay at the kiosk using a credit/debit card or an RFID prepaid “Velo card”. If customers prefer to pay at the point of collection rather than at the kiosk, they can do so by printing a barcoded receipt from the kiosk that is scanned at the counter to recall their transaction for payment. Customers also have the option of placing the order and paying for it via a staff member at the counter if they prefer not to use the touch screens. The Magellan 1100i omni-directional bar code reader is installed at each of the two staff tills at the counter for these types of payment as well.

Thanks to the self-service kiosk system using the Magellan 1100i omni-directional bar code reader, scanning of soft drinks and pre-prepared items is simple and intuitive. Now, with over 55% of customers using the self-service kiosks, the staff can focus solely on order preparation, rather than having to take orders and payment as well, resulting in faster customer service and efficient use of staff resources. “The Magellan 1100i omni-directional bar code reader was easy to install, works well and meets all our needs for the future,” Quoc-Nghi Nguyen, Owner of Velo Restaurants Ltd, commented.

Customer Name: Velo Restaurants Ltd

Industry/sub-industry: Retail/Specialty Retail

Application/sub-application: Mobile Marketing/Mobile Ticketing

Country: United Kingdom

Datalogic Product: Magellan 1100i and Magellan 1100i OEM

Datalogic Partner: ERS

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