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Success Stories

Success Stories

Postal Operator Expands Customer Offerings by Introducing 2D Imaging Technology - Datalogic

Poste Italiane uses the Magellan™ 1000i Omni-Directional Imaging Scanners to Read 2D Data Matrix Codes Printed on Certified Mail


Poste Italiane is the leading operator in Italy for Postal services, such as mail collection and delivery, printed matter and parcels, telegrams, express mail and online services. It is also an innovative and competitive operator in the area of financial and payment services, such as Post Office savings accounts, Post Office interest-bearing bonds, national and international money orders, and currency exchange services1.

Recently, the Poste Italiane Group has undertaken a complex redevelopment process aimed at improving the quality of its services and expanding its product offerings. This strategic vision along with a substantial investment for a new infrastructure and training program has allowed the company to raise its efficiency standards. The benefits of the redevelopment seem to be endless and range from increasing professional qualifications for employees, upgrading Post Office facilities, improving customer satisfaction and closing all financial statements with a profit.

The Challenge

During the redevelopment, the Poste Italiane Group had several requirements for the new solution, the “Poste Mobile Project.” The project involved the use of mobile phone cards, which were printed using different types of one-dimensional (1D) bar code symbology for retail and stationery items. Certified Mail, on the other hand, was printed with two-dimensional (2D) Data Matrix codes, which could not be read with the existing laser-based technology.

In order to read all bar codes, the Poste Italiane decided to install a bar code reader with both 1D and 2D reading capabilities. In addition, the Poste Italiane also needed a reader to help decrease the time that customers had to wait in line. The company believed this would increase customer service, especially with a hands-free scanning solution.

The Solution

After several considerations, the Poste Italiane selected Datalogic’s on-counter presentation scanner, the Magellan™ 1000i. Over 30,000 Magellan 1000i scanners were installed at Poste Italiane’s various locations.

These scanners were specifically chosen to improve the Poste Mobile Project and other services at the Poste Italiane. These omnidirectional scanners allow hands-free reading of 1D and 2D bar codes, which ensures the 2D Matrix codes printed on certified mail will be read.

“We have chosen Datalogic for our bar code scanning solution because the company and its products represent dependability to us. They are reliable and we know that Datalogic will back us on this highly strategic project. Because of steady research and development of new technologies, we have found Datalogic is the perfect partner who shares our values,” stated Dr. Giuseppe Quinto, manager of the Central Management for Processes and Technologies at the Poste Italiane.

The Results

Today, the Magellan™ 1000i presentation scanners read not only the 2D Data Matrix codes, but also codes on the Poste Mobile telephone cards. In addition, the scanner is used for general retail items sold by the post office, such as books and stationery, while also having the ability to capture images, such as a digital version of the customer’s signature at the check out.

“We are very proud of this project. It clearly strengthens the partnership between Poste Italiane and Datalogic, as we have already supplied the company with omnidirectional reading products for their national peripheral offices in 2004. This reconfirmation is a clear sign that our R&D efforts have been rewarded,” added Luca Di Bellucci, Key Account Manager for Datalogic.


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