Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

SITS automates its warehouse and production with a complete solution based on Datalogic mobile computers and handheld scanners

SITSPolish furniture producer SITS has successfully solved the problems related to drastically shortening the time needed for packing the orders for customers and reducing the number of technical equipment failures.

The approach was to implement a powerful and reliable traceability system for all production and delivery stages. The technical requirements to respect were the capability to read small DataMatrix codes at medium speed, measurements at each production stage, and the ability to have the data easily available for automatic logging software.

Full automation of SITS’ warehouse and production operations was obtained by using Skorpio™ X5, Rhino™ II, and PowerScan™.

The results are amazing:

  • 50% reduction in shipment package errors caused by the lack of automatic hardware.
  • Fully automated and modernized warehouse.
  • Time needed for packing the orders has been reduced by 60%.


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