Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

The Memor X3 Mobile Ensures a Smooth Flow of Visitors at Events - Datalogic

As the largest ticketing company in Europe, Paylogic provides event holders full control of their ticket sales and admissions management. With clientele that exceeds 2,000 customers, Paylogic provides a robust and reliable ticketing system including several online ticket shops that can be integrated into the event organizer's website.  It is also possible to sell tickets via social media channels or through retail chains. 

Paylogic delivers fast, reliable and transparent ticket sales, and offers several other supporting services including: a scanning and box office solution facilitating sales and admission management, customer service for attendees, and Events Services.  "We use the client's requirements and preferences to create a plan for a customized technical solution at every event.  We start with the size of the event, the number of tickets and the number of entrances," explains Damian Kozak, Head of Customer and Event Services.  “The aim is always the same: an unencumbered and reliable flow of visitors at the event.”

The Challenge
"Approximately two thirds of our customers ask us to perform ticket inspections on location," states Kozak.  Paylogic supplies two key elements for successful access control: trained event staff and the right scanning hardware.  When Paylogic's old scanning equipment was due for replacement, Duranmatic, a Datalogic Business Partner, recommended the Memor™ X3 mobile computer.  "Our scanners were out of date and had their limitations," relates Kozak. "It wasn't possible to scan a bar code displayed on a mobile phone screen.”  That made access control difficult, as increasing numbers of visitors save their tickets on their smartphones.

The Solution
Scanning software developed by Paylogic was installed on Memor X3 mobile computers to read tickets on paper and on screens.  Operators read ticket bar codes at the gates using the Memor X3 mobile computer, which sends the information in real-time to the Paylogic system where all ticket sale data is stored.  The access information is automatically cross-checked to prevent fraud.  According to Kozak, the scanning operation runs quickly and smoothly.  “The Memor X3 mobile computer has a good-sized, clear display and a large scan button.  It can easily read 500 bar codes in an hour and is very comfortable in the hand.  We notice that our event staff has had fewer problems with their arms and wrists since we switched to the Memor X3 mobile computer.  It is a very robust piece of equipment that operates in all weather conditions. The Memor X3 mobile computer really comes into its own at very busy events."

The included replacement battery is another benefit. “An event usually lasts several hours.  The replacement battery allows us to switch over quickly, rather than having to wait for the original battery to charge.  In addition, we were given the choice of low or high capacity batteries. The high capacity battery enables 5 to 6 hours of intense scanning," continued Kozak.

The Results
In 2013, Paylogic's Event Services department used the Memor X3 mobile computer to scan over 3 million tickets at over 350 events worldwide.  In 2014, over 4 million tickets were scanned at approximately 450 events.  The Head of Customer and Event Services is very pleased with the Memor X3 mobile computer.  “The device accurately scans codes displayed on mobile phone screens.  It has a very fast scan engine and supports not only 2.4GHz frequency, but also 5GHz frequency, clearing the way for a smooth flow of visitors."  The 5GHz frequency provides Paylogic with greater capacity at large events attended by thousands of visitors.  "All the visitors have a mobile phone with them, which usually runs on 2.4GHz.  By switching to 5GHz, the likelihood of disruption is kept to a minimum,” concluded Kozak.


Customer: Paylogic
Industry: Services
Application: Access Control
Country: Worldwide
Datalogic Product: Memor X3 mobile computer
Datalogic Partner: Duranmatic - Dordrecht

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