Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Uraltorgservice Upgrades Warehouse Operations with the Skorpio X3 - Datalogic

Uraltorgservice is one of the largest beverage distributors in the Sverdlovsk province, operating all over the Ural region of Russia.  The company supplies restaurants, bars, hotels, and major retailers including Auchan and the X5 Retail Group.  With over 1,500 brands to manage, Uraltorgservice operates an 8000 sq.m warehouse divided into specific areas for shelf and floor storage for housing the various beverages.

The Challenge
The warehouse struggled during peak seasons due to the overwhelming number of goods and inefficient systems.   Document processing speed was slow, creating processing back-ups and other problems that were especially bad during peak times when the company could also not cope with the number of orders.  A dedicated software system managed inventory, receipt and shipment operations, but excise stamp recording was performed manually.  This system led to errors in shipments, document issuance and product returns, all of which caused slow service and increased processing costs.

The Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS) was also enacted at this time, a law requiring all alcohol manufacturers to place excise stamps with 2D bar codes on every product sold.  The excise stamps had to include the production information, proof of excise tax payment by the manufacturer, and verification of authenticity for tracking purposes.  As a result, every manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of alcoholic beverages needed scanners capable of reading 2D bar codes and a special software (USAIS SW) in order to track goods arrival and distribution.  Scanned information on the 2D codes must be forwarded to the government’s central server at every step of the distribution chain.  

Uraltogservice needed a solution that would increase their efficiency and comply with the new regulations. The new system would help streamline processes to avoid problems during peak seasons and offer 2D bar code reading.

The Solution
With the help of Datalogic partners, Mobile Inform Group and EME, Uraltorgservice found one solution for both challenges.  The EME.WMS professional warehouse management system, working with the Skorpio™ X3 and Falcon™ X3 mobile computers from Datalogic, provided complete warehouse automation.  Operators now process orders based on order composition and physical parameters.  The mobile computers scan the excise stamps and the system identifies and verifies the necessary parameters per the new regulations.  The shipment number created is then sent to the system.  With the increased accuracy and data, the accounting and certification departments prepare the documents for order shipping quickly and accurately.

The Results
The implementation of the Skorpio X3 and Falcon X3 mobile computers with the EME.WMS system made order pick up and warehouse operations run smoothly with practically error-free goods shipment and returns.  Operators now track the entire history of an operation, including internal goods transfer, returns and stock.  Warehouse management has dramatically improved with sales increases during peak seasons due to smooth running operations.


Customer: “Uraltorgservice” LLC
Industry: Retail/Specialty Retail
Application: Warehouse management
Country: Russia
Datalogic Product: Skorpio X3, Falcon X3
Datalogic Partner: Mobile Inform Group and EME

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