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E-Commerce, Self-Checkout, Omnichannel and retailers - Datalogic

E-Commerce, Self-Checkout, Omnichannel and
more drive retailers to leverage new technologies

Meeting today’s Retail challenges
with technology investments

During June 2021, in the US alone, job openings reached a record 10 million. As a consequence the need for automated solutions has skyrocketed.


For forward-looking retailers the number one goal over the past two years has been to deliver a seamless, unified customer experience by dismantling the border between online and offline purchasing. As the omnichannel shifts from aspiration to priority, retailers also need to revamp physical stores in order to attract customers who may have avoided shops in the past months.

But attracting shoppers is only part of the challenge.

Technology enables retailers to better focus what staff they have on the customer experience. Datalogic has always had retailers’ backs and promptly bolstered its wide range of check-out automated solutions to help the industry transition to a healthier state of business.

For best return on investment, retailers should approach technology innovations strategically and methodically. That means starting with solutions that deliver the most value and address the most pressing needs.

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