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Intralogistics optimizing the movement of goods and data - Datalogic

Intralogistics – optimizing the movement of goods and data through buildings and processes

Automation in the supply chain is not new – transport, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and healthcare have all been automated for years. So, what is changing?


Intralogistics has become a new science where processes are optimized for efficiency. Businesses, particularly manufacturers and retailers, and health authorities that buy and store high value supplies for patient care, are all looking to automation for greater efficiency, improved reliability and fewer errors.
The Pandemic has taught some tough lessons. Organizations realize they face new risks they had not previously foreseen – and that they must be more agile in case of another crisis, whether it is a health emergency, environmental or political.
Download your complimentary White Paper and learn more about how this translates to four critical business goals:


Capture data faster, track goods more easily, and then use that data to achieve measurable efficiency.
 The latest scanners and barcode readers bring new features, and easily integrate with corporate databases, documentation and the wider IT ecosystem.


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