Memor 30-35

Memor 30-35

Elevating Performance, Redefining Value.
Future-proof, rugged, and enterprise-enabled mobile computer series


Rugged, Beautiful, Powerful.

The Ultimate PDA is About to Land.

The new Memor 30-35 Family is ready to revolutionize the Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing industries. Get ready as Datalogic, the forefront leader in mobility solutions, unveils its latest innovation in rugged mobile computing.

Prepare to be amazed by the attractive yet durable design housing a powerhouse of performance, with enhanced processing capabilities, a spacious and vibrant display, and extended battery life. We've supercharged connectivity, bolstered security measures, streamlined usability, and optimized total cost of ownership and sustainability. The Memor 30-35 Family isn't just a device—it's a complete solution tailored to meet your every need.

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